Two-step Pride for embankment floor 100m + table

According to Eqtesadnivar; The evaluation of the car market shows that all Saipa overproduction products have dropped in price on the last day of autumn. According to the market observation, “Pride 111” had a drop of 500 thousand Tomans compared to Saturday, and “Pride 131” was two million Tomans cheaper in the market. But “Ordinary Tiba 2” also experienced a price drop of one million tomans compared to the previous day. “Tiba the cashier” also had a drop of one million compared to the previous day and Saina became 500 thousand tomans cheaper.

Among Saipa products that were evaluated in the market, we can mention “Pride 111”, “Pride 131”, “Tiba Sandoghdar”, “Tiba 2” and “Saina”. The cars that are the most in demand in the market among the most popular.

Lack of demand is the main reason why car market participants attribute the stability in the car market. They may face further declines in car prices in the market.

The price of Saipa overprints in the market

According to the evaluation of Pride 131 car market, which has been stopped for a long time, despite the fact that its production has stopped and still retains the title of cheap car, its price dropped by two million to 102 million Tomans, thus only doubling to 100 million. There is a distance between becoming a toman. Due to its low price compared to other products on the market, this car has been able to have its own fans.

But the price of the Pride hatchback model or “Pride 111” was 500 thousand tomans cheaper than in the market on Saturday and was traded at 124 million tomans in the market, which can be said that this car also dropped by one million tomans in the market. had. Production of this car has been stopped like Pride 131, but this car still has many applicants due to its price and sportiness, which has made this car one of the most popular cars in the market.

“Tiba 2 Ordinary”, another product of Saipa, due to the fact that it is in the category of hatchbacks, has its own fans. On the last day of autumn, it was traded one million tomans cheaper than the previous day and priced at 119 million tomans. “Tiba Sandoghdar” was also able to attract the attention of the applicants according to the price offered in the market, according to the market evaluation of this car, it was one million cheaper than yesterday and with a price range of 112 million Tomans in the market.

“Saina”, which is equal to Tiba in terms of price and even form, also experienced a drop of 500,000 Tomans in the market and was traded at a price of 125 in the market.

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