Two unusual signs of coronavirus were detected

Spector, the designer and expert on COVID Symptom Study, has discovered two rare and unusual signs of coronavirus.

Among the unusual coronary symptoms, he described as “tongue sores” and “Kuwaiti tongue,” which appear as bright white spots on the tongue.

These symptoms are not dangerous to humans and go away after a few days, but in pandemic conditions, it is important to pay attention to this point, because it can be a signal of coronavirus infection.

According to this expert, about 20% of patients with Covid 19 do not have the classic symptoms of coronary artery, but at the same time they show rare and unusual symptoms of the disease.

About 91 million cases have been reported during the Corona pandemic so far, and about 2 million people have died from the disease. The highest number of cases was recorded in the United States, India and Brazil.

Source: Young Journalists Club