Ultra-luxury entertainment of Galareh Abbasi in the days of Corona + Photo

Famous Iranian actress Galareh Abbasi has published photos of herself and her friend who are engaged in skiing and luxury games.

Ultra-luxury entertainment of Galareh Abbasi in the days of Corona + Photo

گلاره عباسی She was born on July 20, 1983. In Tehran, Gloria Abbasi is an Iranian film and television actress. Gloria Abbasi is a graduate of Amin Tarakh classes. Gloria Abbasi is also a theater graduate. , And the father of Galareh Abbasi is a great literary person.

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Iranian film and television actress Galareh Abbasi has published some photos of her skiing with a different brigade while her private trainer is next to her.

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Gloria Abbasi continued like this and in the description of the photos she published, she wrote:

Today, towards the betterment of my world, reaching the summit in the snow is another story that I have to read a thousand times with my dear coach.

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Biography of Galareh Abbasi

Galareh Abbasi is one of the actors named Cinema and Television who was born on the 29th day of 1983 in Tehran. He graduated in theater from Tehran University of Art and Architecture and is a student of Professor Amin Tarakh. Gloria grew up in a family of four and has only one sister, Bahar, who specializes in nutrition and lives in Canada.

Mountaineering Gloria Abbasi

Beginning of Galareh Abbasi artistic activity:

In the eye of the wind

Galareh Abbasi studied at the University of Theater Arts in 2003, and after taking Amin Tarakh’s acting workshop classes, she was introduced to the series In the Eye of the Wind. He entered the field of acting by playing in the glorious series In the Eye of the Wind and was able to cope with his role well. In this series, Galareh Abbasi played the role of Kambiz Deirbaz and Parsa Piruzfar’s sister, and played the role of great actors such as Saeed Nikpour, Fariba Motashas and Akbar Abdi. In the Eye of the Wind is made by Masoud Jafari Jozani, whose filming work lasted from 2003 to 2008 for 5 years.

Enter the cinema with a real report

Galareh Abbasi entered the field of cinema in 2008 with her role in the movie A Real Report directed by Dariush Farhang. In this film, he co-starred with great masters such as the late Davood Rashidi and Dariush Farhang and was able to become famous. This film narrates the life story of two friends who, far from everyone’s expectations, face each other and advance the story of the film. The film won the Best Picture statuette from the 14th edition of the Cinema House Festival.

Reputation with mania

Gloria Abbasi was seen in 2011 with her role in the series Mania and became very famous. Mania was directed by Mohammad Mehdi Asgarpour and made in 2011. In the same year, she was seen on the third channel of Sima and attracted many fans. The story of this series is about a boy named Taha who has a heart disease and falls in love with a girl named Leila played by Galareh Abbasi. Taha has been married once before and has a daughter from his previous marriage, but he did not tell Leila about this incident and this issue creates problems for them.

Objects are closer to you than what you see in the mirror:

In 2011, Galareh Abbasi played a role in Narges Abyar’s first feature film called Things That Are Closer to You Than What You See in the Mirror. Gloria Abbasi participated in the French International Women’s Film Festival for her role in the film and also won the Best Actress award at the Russian Silver Horse Festival. This film tells the life story of a woman named Leila with the artist Galareh Abbasi, who is going through a pregnancy and is facing many problems.

Gloria Abbasi’s Instagram post after receiving an award from the Russian Film Festival:

In response to winning the movie “Things Are Closer to You Than You See in the Mirror”, Galareh Abbasi updated her Instagram page by posting in several foreign festivals. Ms. Abbasi wrote on her Instagram page:

I participated in three international festivals with the film “Objects of what you see in this …” and this film won four world awards. It will be screened and I can experience this joy with you, and now, after three years, the Art and Experience Group is a good opportunity to show this film. I hope Narges Abiar’s first film, which won many awards for Ms. Abiar at the Paris and Russia festivals, this time In your intimate atmosphere, your companions should also pay attention that the biggest gift for the production team of this film is your attention and welcome. Screening in August.

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گلاره عباسی

Track 143

In 1392, she played the role of Merila Zarei in the film Shiyar 143, directed by Narges Abyar. This film, which is Narges Abyar’s second feature film, tells the life story of a woman named Ulfat, whose son went to the front and has not been heard from for a long time. Ulfat does not know if her son was captured or killed in the war, and this is a bitter day for her. hits. In this film, Galareh Abbasi plays the role of the daughter of Merila Zarei (Ulfat) and she has done well in the role with Kermani accent. Merila Zarei won the Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress in this film.


In 1993, Galareh Abbasi played a role in the series Medina directed by Sirus Moghadam. In this series, she played the role of Bita Mushfeq alongside actors such as Mehrdad Sedighiyan and Shabnam Moghaddami. The series aired on the First Channel of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the holy month of Ramadan. The story of the series narrates the life of a woman named Medina, whose wife has drowned and now, together with her adopted son, Bahman, runs her husband’s factory, and in the same way, she faces many ups and downs.


Galareh Abbasi was seen on TV in 2015 with the 110-episode series Kimia. In this series, she played the role of Farzaneh, the sister of Pouriapour Sorkh, and was able to shine well. This series narrates the life story of a woman named Kimia Parsa, played by Mehraveh Sharifinia, which depicts three periods before and during the war and the present. Most of the scenes in the film were shot in Khorramshahr and Tehran, and of course the shooting of some scenes is related to Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. In this series, more than 300 actors have played roles, including actors such as Mohammad Reza Sharifinia, Azita Hajian, Reza Kianian, Pouria Poursorkh, Mehraveh Sharifinia and Hassan Shirazi, Sougal Tahmasebi, etc.

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Galareh Abbasi says about her role in the series Kimia:

This is the first long TV series that I also play in ten episodes. In this series, I play the role of Farzaneh, who is a mysterious, negative and complex character. My reason for accepting the role of Farzaneh was that I wanted to distance myself from positive roles and experience a different role like Medina. Fortunately, this opportunity was provided to me in the series Kimia.

گلاره عباسی


The series “Brother” directed by Javad Afshar is made in 1394, which was a guest house of the people on the second channel of Sima during the holy month of Ramadan and was well received. Galareh Abbasi will play a role in this film along with actors such as Pouriapour Sorkh and Hossein Yari. After Leila Otadi separated from Galareh Abbasi, she was chosen to play in this series. This series is the second collaboration between Galareh Abbasi and Javad Afshari and Pouria Pour Sorkh. She previously collaborated with them in Kimia series.


Galareh Abbasi started her first job in the home theater network by playing in the series Shahrzad and was able to achieve a lot of fame with her good and fluent acting. In this series, he plays the role of Akram, an employee of the big house of Agha, who secretly marries Ghobad Diwansalar and gives birth to a child from him. He says about Shahrzad series:

Fortunately, I started working in the home theater network with the popular Shahrzad series. For this reason, Shahrzad was enjoyable and memorable for me and I enjoyed working in this media a lot.


Shahin is the name of Galareh Abbasi’s latest film, which was filmed in Tehran last year and will soon be released in the country’s cinemas. Mehran Ranjbar and Alireza Kamali are the other actors in this movie directed by Salar Tehrani.

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