Unparalleled collection of irrational statements

The officials of each team look at the matter only from the point of view of their own interests and make mistakes. Indeed, Iranian football is a paradise for excuses.

According to ISNA, the newspaper fellow-citizen “With the announcement of the program for the next three weeks of the twentieth football league, a big wave of protests took place against the organization of the league. Zobahan announced, Mahmoud Fekri and Javad Nekounam were interviewed and Persepolis issued a collective statement against everyone! All this while the officials of each team look at the matter only from the point of view of their own interests and make mistakes. Indeed, Iranian football is a paradise for excuses.

Yahya’s ill-considered words

Prior to the AFC Champions League final, Persepolis’ two games against Nesaji and Zobahan were canceled. The first was according to the wishes of Persepolis and the second was not. The first cancellation saved the team from traveling in corona and fear of injury on the grass, and the second cancellation kept the Whites out of the game. However, Persepolis had to be more flexible in compensating for the kindness given to the team in postponing the textile game. “If the interval between playing with textile and steel is less than six days, I am not,” said Yahya Golmohammadi. This was ill-considered, but the league organization listened to it and postponed the game with Zob from Wednesday to Thursday. This unnecessary 24-hour delay intensified the attacks on the Reds; While this delay could not have existed and Persepolis would have taken the upper hand.

Strange intellectual crediting

Esteghlal Club itself had announced that the team would not be present in the derby until Persepolis held its arrears. The league organization also fulfilled this request, but again the head coach of the Blues is a creditor and claims that this team should not have played two games with Golgohar and Aluminum Arak! This means that the Independents expected Persepolis to hold its backward matches and they would rest. In this case, Esteghlal would not have held a single official match from 28 Azar and the game with Zobahan until 22 Dey and Derby Day; God forbid, in this case, the intellectuals themselves and the Esteghlals, after the possible failure in the derby, would not have said that the 24-day absence from the matches of this team would have removed the team from the playing conditions and not blamed the league organization? Now the matches are designed in such a way that Esteghlal’s injured and disciplined players reach the derby and this team is preparing to face Persepolis; So what is the reason for all this credit?

What do you say, Mr. Nekounam?

Javad Nekounam’s protests are also strange. The summary of his 2,000-word interview is that the entire league had to stop in order for Persepolis to hold its backward matches first. Nowhere in the world do they make such decisions. However, the league organization has a reasonable distance to hold the games, and especially given the upcoming new season of the Asian Champions League, it can not procrastinate so much. In Spain, La Liga started this season with Real Madrid starting in the second week and Barcelona in the third week, as their Champions League matches ended later and they had less rest than the others. Barcelona still have one game and two games behind some teams. Did they stop the league in Spain so that Barça could play their backward games first? No, such a request is not wise.

Iron Steel Confectionery

The irony statement is more ridiculous than it’s critical; A kind of superficial attempt to attract attention. The culmination of friends’ work is the use of terms such as the corona vaccine. The Zoubis themselves know that their meeting with Persepolis was canceled in their favor, and that the 24-hour postponement is not at all important because of what they have caused a stir. We said that; It has more of a showy aspect. not serious.

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