Unusual hijab of Elnaz Shakerdoust with blue hair!

الناز شاکردوست He was born on July 28, 1984 in the Pasdaran neighborhood of Tehran. Elnaz Shakerdoust is a theater graduate from the Faculty of Art and Architecture of Tehran Azad University and in addition to acting, she works in the field of photography and costume design. Elnaz Shakerdoust is the second child in the family who has an older brother and a younger sister. Of course, there are many similarities between Elnaz and her brother.

Photo of Elnaz Shakerdoust and her brother

His father is a trader in industrial tools and electrodes and his mother is a housewife. Elnaz has a very strange interest in her mother.

One of the important events in the life of Elnaz Shakerdoust can be referred to the pilgrimage to the house of God that her mother went to this spiritual journey in 2011 instead of him. In this pilgrimage, the famous artists of our country such as Mehraveh Sharifinia, Elham Hamidi, Sam Derakhshani, Qasem Jafari, Mohammad Reza Varzi, Yaser Jafari, Mehdi Arabi, Hassan Sadkhosravi and … were present.

In the picture below, you can see the mother of Elnaz Shakerdoust with famous actors on their trip to Mecca.

Elnaz is popular among pop singers Reza Sadeghi and among female actors Gohar Kheirandish and Golshifteh Farahani, among male actors of the late Manouchehr Nozari and Shahram Haghighat Doust.

The strangest thing in his life is his best friend, the benevolent gem, who is at least 30 years older than him. In the picture below, you can see Elnaz Shakerdoust with her favorite actress in a restaurant.

الناز شاکردوست و Gohar Khairandish in restaurant

He is also very interested in playing football and is a fan of Persepolis.

Elnaz Shakerdoust, who recently posted different photos of herself on social media, posted a photo of her presence at the shrine of Imam Reza (AS) in the holy city of Mashhad on her Instagram account. Was. Below you can see this photo along with its text.

Elnaz Shakerdoust’s trip to London

Elnaz Shakerdoust immigrated to London, England last year to continue her education.

Acting activity of Elnaz Shakerdoust

He started acting with theater. At the age of nineteen, he entered the field of cinema with his role in the film Gol-e-Yakh in 2004, directed by Kiomars Poorahmad, and in less than a year, he acted in 4 movies.

Japan allspice:

Ice Flower is a film directed and written کیومرث پوراحمد Produced by Gholamreza Mousavi in ​​2004.

Gol-e-Yakh went to the cinema screen on March 10, 2003 and sold 163 million views in 56 days.

Synopsis of Ice Flower Movie:

Torgol (Elnaz Shakerdoust), who does not have a good family life, is attracted to Abbas (Mohammad Reza Golzar), but his father opposes their marriage. Torgol runs away from home and marries Abbas. Abbas, who intends to go to Kish Island to work, sends Torgol to the village with his mother …

Of course, the story of this film is very similar to the old film Sultan of Hearts starring the late Mohammad Ali Fardin.

Grim Elnaz Shakerdoust in the movie Ice Flower

The difference between his acting in the two films “Ice Flower” and “Singles” shows his abilities. Elnaz Shakerdoust in “Unfaithful”, the first production of the old cinema critic – Asghar Naeemi – showed the best play of his cinematic career

The latest photos of Elnaz Shakerdoust

According to Kiomars Poorahmad, when he was looking for an actor of about 20 years old, he saw Elnaz and liked his acting, which he was playing in the theater at that time, and played him as the lead actor in the movie Gol-e-Yakh.

Elnaz Shakerdoust Iranian actress

The different games and roles that we saw from Elnaz Shakerdoust have introduced him as a smart and talented actor. Different games like a rich girl in a runaway bride …

A loose girl in singles (it was really wonderful) .. a third generation girl in whom she killed Amir (her acting in this film was great .. much better than Nikki Karimi. Mahnaz Afshar and …)

Elnaz Shakerdoust and Merila Zarei in the film Singles

And the beautiful performance of Elnaz Shakerdoust in the film Be Faithful (as a girl down the street that no actress could have played this role so well). In these three years and until the age of 22, acting in 11 films is a great statistic for an actor. Many critics have praised Elnaz Shakerdoust from the very beginning. Even artists like the late Manouchehr Nozari have praised his acting.

Festivals and Awards Elnaz Shakerdoust

  • 2007 Candidate for Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress in a Wind in the Meadow
  • 2006 Candidate for the Golden Statue of Cinema House Celebration Actor Who Killed Amir
  • 2005 Candidate for the Golden Statue of the Cinema House Festival
  • 2008 Golden Statue of Cinema House Celebration Actress in a complementary role among the clouds
  • 1394 San Francisco Film Festival Award for Best Actress at the Taboo Film Festival