Unveiling of the new formula of the Competition Council for car pricing

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting the Journalists’ Club, Reza Shiva, the head of the Competition Council, said in a press conference on car pricing: “For some time, various issues regarding cars have been raised and each person has different opinions.” The Competition Council has no spokesperson other than the Chairman of the Council who is responsible.

“One of the tasks of the Competition Council is to plan and make the market as competitive as possible,” he said. The council has a duty to set prices for exclusive goods.

Shiva continued: “Different companies should refer to this market to become a competitive market. The car has a market that can be made competitive.” More manufacturers need to be added to this market.

The head of the Competition Council added: “We do not import cars in our country and now it is not possible to liberalize imports.” The Ministry of Silence and the Development Organization seek to support other automakers except Iran Khodro and Saipa to make the market more competitive.

Shiva continued: All producers must increase production. As everyone knows, a large part of the demand in the car market is false and this creates problems for planning.

The chairman of the Competition Council said: “Supply should be in line with demand, and this false demand has created a problem.” In order not to harm people, they turn to buying coins, currency, dollars and cars.

The head of the Competition Council said: “Now we are facing a high demand in the car market and in this market brokers and intermediaries have been added. Most buyers are brokers and offer unfair prices.”

He continued: “All those who participate in the lottery are not brokers and intermediaries and are only a percentage of real applicants.” We seek to increase production. The Competition Council will reconsider pricing.

The official explained: for pricing a number of cars, a different formula has been considered with the instructions. Liberalization occurs when we have a competitive market and there are other competing cars in the manufacturing companies. The other three automakers have now been added to the two major automakers and are looking to strengthen their vehicles. Automakers are set to increase production by 50 percent, and private-sector automakers will follow suit.

He continued: “This year, we must remove production barriers.” Two automakers say they are losing money and have had lengthy discussions about it. One of the arguments in economics is just scale, which means that as production increases, the cost of production decreases.

“We support production very well and we will support carmakers that are added to the competitive market,” Shiva said. What we have talked to carmakers about, we have divided cars into two categories. The first group is cars that existed in the past, and the second group includes cars that have just been produced.

The official said that cars with low prices and circulation, 55% of the capacity is allocated to cars that are more economical and can be bought by the general public, which follow the council’s instructions, and new cars that have 45% of the new formula and on They use the basis of this formula.

Shiva said: “One of the problems is that people bought in the past and have not yet delivered the car and thought the car would become more expensive, people should not take this risk. Many people bought remittances in the hope that prices would rise. Slowly, production inputs have risen in price, and we must support both the automaker and the consumer.

The head of the Competition Council explained: “Both the producer and the consumer must be supported.” Those who are interested in investing heavily in the car should be careful to see if they can get the car delivered at the price of the day. The automaker still does not know what the final price of the car is at the time of delivery, how people take the risk of registering to invest in a car.

Shiva explained: To date, all those who have registered in the lottery have used the old formula and the new formula will be used from January 1st.

The chairman of the Competition Council said: “The market is in good shape and prices are declining, and we are confident that with the increase in production, the price of the car at the factory door will be close to the market price, and this issue now includes many cars.” We have to make the real applicant participate in the lottery. Fair distribution must take place as long as demand is higher than supply.

The official said: “Regulatory bodies are monitoring the lottery process and there have been no reports of anyone saying that there was corruption in the lottery. We will continue the same lottery method until we find an alternative method.”

Change the formula of the Competition Council for car pricing

“Our new pricing formula has been specified,” said the head of the Competition Council.

“Once every three months, we support car prices from the organization. In the new formula, inflation no longer plays a role and focuses on the average market price. In the winter quarter, price changes will be based on market prices,” he said. From February, the new price will be applied on the car.

The official said: “The important point of the pricing formula is the issue of production.” If production does not increase, we will not have a price increase. The higher the production, the higher the price. The old formula of the Competition Council will be used to price 55% of the cars and the new formula will be used for the remaining 45%.

Unveiling of the new formula of the Competition Council for car pricing

Shiva explained: “Now, considering the situation in the country, which is important for production, we are looking to increase production.” Regarding the liberalization of car imports, it should be said that the liberalization of car imports is not in the hands of the Competition Council, and we have proposed it to the cabinet, and I do not think they have any plans.

“Car import liberalization should be for high-consumption cars,” he explained. In car pricing, we consider quality and always emphasize on quality.

The head of the Competition Council said: “We have about 600 complaints about the situation of the automobile industry, many of these complaints are not related to the council.” The fact that someone bought a car remittance and now it is included in the price increase and they say that I have lost money should go to the judiciary, this problem is not related to the Competition Council.

Shiva explained: “We are waiting for the Central Bank to announce inflation. After that, we will apply the new formula from February. If we have inflation, the price will increase accordingly.”

Shiva said: 18 cars will now be included in the new pricing, including Peugeot Pars, Peugeot 207 automatic, Peugeot 207 manual, Samand Soren Plus, Rana Plus, Rana Plus TU5, Dena Plus turbocharged, Dena Plus automatic turbocharged, Haima turbo manual, Haima becomes turbo automatic, Tara, Saina S, Quick, Falcon, Aria, Berlians and Changan.