Urgent: The Corona massacre is on its way

The corona mutant virus is becoming a new nightmare in the world. Many countries have suspended flights to Britain and the Netherlands after a new strain of the coronavirus was identified, and the mutated coronavirus is becoming a new nightmare in the world. Many countries have suspended flights to the United Kingdom and the Netherlands after a new strain of the coronavirus was identified. A new strain of the virus coronavirus So far, it has been identified in various parts of Britain except Northern Ireland, according to government officials, and is 70% more contagious than the original and common form of the virus that spread Covid-19.

Bad news for the Minister of Health

Regarding Nowruz and travels, Namaki said: “We absolutely did not agree with travel, we are not and we will not be.” First of all, a new component called the English mutated virus was added to the previous terrible components. Dr. Saeed Namaki said: “My colleagues last year not only provided services to patients with coronary artery, but also did not leave with dignity and pride that even a disease that Needs emergency services, stay without service; Especially my loved ones in the country’s emergency room for urgent care and hospitals for their admission.

We added 1,000 beds per month to the hospital bed suite

He added: “This year was a year when, despite being caught in the Corona swamp, for the first time, thanks to God and the efforts of our colleagues, we were able to add 1,000 beds to our beds every month, which we did not have before and after the revolution.” Also, about 1400 health and treatment projects in all parts of the country will be opened by next May and 13 thousand beds will be added to the beds of the country. We also added 2,500 CU boards to the country boards this year.

We did not and do not agree to travel

Regarding Nowruz and the trips, Namaki said: “The position of the Ministry of Health was clear from the first day.” We absolutely did not agree to travel, we are not and we will not be. Because, first, a new component called the English mutated virus was added to the previous terrible components. Dear ones, read what massacre this virus caused in countries such as Britain, Germany, Italy and other European countries. The virus has been circulating in the country for more than a month now, and you still see double-digit deaths and rarely three-digit deaths. Do not think that the British health care system, which recorded 1860 deaths in one day, is a weak system. Incidentally, the system is very strong, but the catch rate of this virus is far greater than the steps that the most powerful health systems can take, and see what epics these loved ones of ours created all over the country, which are still after a month of circulating the mutated virus in the country. , You do not have this massacre.

Khuzestan; Downhill Corona Control

Namaki said: Khuzestan, as the first base of the mutated virus attack, I am proud to say that today, thanks to God and with the empathy, harmony and hard work of my breathless colleagues, it is going through milder days and now we are on the decline of disease control in Khuzestan. But we are still worried about the situation in other provinces adjacent to Khuzestan and even the central provinces in the country, where we report numerous cases of the mutated virus.

We asked for a month to catch the mutated virus

He continued: “Our other component in the journey was the transfer of this virus from infected places to less infected and non-infected places, which travel can aggravate.” Therefore, first of all, our policy was to find a deadline to manage the plan to intensify the diagnosis in the continuation of the plan of Shahid Soleimani. Travel is a fluid population, and we cannot pursue a neighborhood-based, door-to-door plan. Because the population is on a fluid journey and is not available to us, it suffers from the intensification of disease detection and the accumulation of disease throughout the country. For this reason, we did not agree to the trip and wanted a deadline in which we could intensify the disease detection for a month, like last year, and ground this mutated virus like the Wuhan virus.

“We know that people are tired,” he said. “But we know that the front line of the anti-virus front may be much less resilient.” I can not send a nurse from an area that is not infected with the mutated virus to an area that is 100% contaminated with me. While we did not have this infection with Wuhan virus. So, in addition to the resilience of the dear people, the resilience of the front line is also important to me as the commander of the operation. In one of the hospitals in Khuzestan, we were electrocuted for only 2 minutes, and 70 patients were suffocating until they turned on the emergency engine manually. That is, 2 minutes of non-functioning and intolerance of the health system will create a catastrophe.

To apply the monotone, we accepted the colors

He added: It was decided to announce the color scheme for Nowruz trips. There are two options for coloring based on the current situation and coloring based on the mutated virus component, and we asked my loved ones at the National Headquarters that if they accept any of them, it has its own benefits and advantages, and friends accepted a happier coloring that blue and It had more yellow and less red and orange; That is, the same previous component was mutated without the intervention of the virus, and since we are supposed to follow the order of the loved ones in the headquarters and it is supposed to act and announce a unanimity, we wanted the loved ones to announce the same decision; Although according to the order of the Supreme Leader, the limits of announcing the restriction are with us, but its actions are with others, and we accepted this because of the acts of unanimity.

Enjoy a virtual visit on Nowruz

Pointing out that the role of the Ministry of Health is like that of the Meteorological Organization, Namaki clarified: “We are not saying that today is the sun because this is clear to everyone.” The role of meteorology is to say what the weather will be like in the future, and our role is to say what will happen to this map in the coming days, otherwise we will not have much maneuvering power in times of disaster. However, what we announced today as the map and the yellow, blue and red dots is something that may change in the coming days and months. In order for this not to happen and for us to have a better Nowruz, I ask people to observe it and think that many parts of the country are red or will turn red so that the situation does not become bitter for them in the middle of the trip. To go and pollute our relatives in a yellow or blue city and return is neither mercy nor love for the family. As for Nowruz visits, like last year, please make a virtual and remote visit so that the protocols are observed.

80% of Corona vaccine in 7 countries

Regarding the supply of corona vaccine, he said: “We knew from the first day of the disease that the supply of vaccine is a major problem for the whole world and we tried to start the production of domestic vaccine and I invited every single loved one who could be effective in this field.” I called Fakhrizadeh, Dr. Karimi, loved ones of the Barakat Foundation, etc. to enter the field of vaccines; Because I knew that no one would vaccinate us and no one, the capitalist world is a world of selfishness that if it is full and something is left on the table, and if there is no sworn ally around it, then maybe it will vaccinate other parts of the world. In the words of Saadi, “How sad is the angel who is a lawyer for the treasures of the wind that the old woman’s lamp dies.” The Americans have only given the vaccine to their old allies, Japan, for two weeks now, and almost 80% of the world’s vaccine is used in six or seven countries.

We do not boycott traders and merchants

Referring to the production of the Iranian Corona vaccine, Namaki emphasized: “Today, we have prepared a rich infrastructure in this regard, and in the spring and from May onwards, the Iranian vaccines Pasteur, Barakat, Razi, etc. will be used and a fundamental change in vaccination.” Iran is created. Before that, we had to get vaccinated. Some people chant slogans and say things, I ask anyone who has a heart for the country and can get a vaccine more powerful than us, to go and bring it, we will provide the currency and the rial. But let them know that we do not boycott brokers and businessmen, and this rotten felt does not make hats for brokers, at least as long as I am here. But if anyone can get a vaccine better than us and think that there are refrigerated containers full of vaccines behind the gates of this country and they auctioned off their vaccines and we do not buy them, they should go and buy the vaccines. This is not the case, I have set up the most capable team to prepare the vaccine and we will get the vaccines. Let’s vaccinate.

We did not receive some resources and we are having a hard time

He added: “Despite the fact that I am not from Shokooh, I complained to some friends about the sources of the collection.” We did not receive some resources and we are having a hard time. Although my colleagues complain about the shortcomings, I try to solve the problems patiently, and I hope that our loved ones will take our hand in this unequal fight with the virus so that our hands will not be empty and we will not be ashamed of our colleagues.

The Minister of Health also congratulated the days of Sha’baniyah and the birth of Imam Hussein (AS) and the day of the Revolutionary Guards, and said, “Do not complain about Dela Choo Ghancheh, because the morning breeze will break the knot,” and said: “I congratulate my compatriots before Nowruz.” A difficult year has passed for my colleagues and the people regarding Corona. First of all, I thank God that we will finish this year in spite of all the difficulties. I greet the souls of all the martyrs, especially the martyrs who defended health, and I ask for patience for their families and all those who lost their loved ones due to the corona.

Namaki emphasized: “Thank God, I thank the Supreme Leader for always loving us in observing the protocols and guiding the people and scholars so that we can take an effective step.” I thank the President, the esteemed members of the Corona National Headquarters, all the ministries, especially the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. My dears at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Armed Forces, especially the loved ones of the IRGC, the army and the Basij, have been with us a lot this year. I can not express my gratitude in any language, but I am also very grateful to the people, businesses and colleagues in the health system who helped and helped us.

Source: ISNA