US sanctions against Cuba and Nicaragua

Department of Treasury On Monday, sanctions against Cuba And Nicaragua Announced.

According to the statement Department of Treasury , Three Cuban institutions entered the list US sanctions Were.

The ministry also added three Nicaraguan individuals to the US sanctions list.

The sanctions come as the Cuban president on Saturday praised the creativity and intelligence of the Cuban people in the face of US economic, trade and financial sanctions.

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel wrote on his Twitter account that the characteristics of Cubans allow them to break and continue the siege of the United States.

The Cuban Foreign Minister recently condemned the actions of the US National Security Council, especially under President Donald Trump, as a means of aggression against Cuba. Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez tweeted that the US government and the National Security Council had never supported Cuba. He added that the current US government’s hostility is focused on the Latin American region.

On the other hand, US President-elect Joe Biden had said before winning the US election that the US needed a new policy towards Cuba. He has vowed to lift restrictions on incumbent President Donald Trump on his trip to Cuba and financial exchanges.

A week after the US election, the Cuban president tweeted that Biden had won the race while Trump continued to protest the election results.

The Cuban president wrote in the Twitter message: “We understand that the American people have taken a new path in the presidential election. “We believe in the possibility that we can build constructive bilateral relations with respect for existing differences.”

“As long as Washington maintains economic sanctions against Cuba, it will be very difficult to think seriously about the progress of bilateral relations,” a senior Cuban government official said of continuing diplomatic relations with the United States.