Use this great and natural way to fight head lice without using chemical products.

Lice It is a small insect that feeds on blood. Lice are like dandruff. Most children are exposed to lice. In this section, read the methods of treating lice with vinegar.

Vinegar Despite its strong smell, vinegar is a great substance to kill lice, you can also increase its strength with other substances; Natural remedies for head lice without the use of chemicals. We combine them with other ingredients such as rosemary, tea tree essential oil, garlic, eucalyptus and coconut oil.

Head lice are a common problem in schools because they are easily spread through physical contact among children, these small parasites attack the scalp and feed on the scalp, causing a lot of itching. You know that a child at school has head lice, you need to take precautions.

There are many different products and shampoos to fight head lice. However, most of them are made of chemicals and do not always work. On the other hand, there are many natural products that we can use to get rid of head lice without side effects. Get rid of the negative side for the scalp or health.

Treatments for head lice with vinegar:

The basis for all these treatments is vinegar, a product that can cure many health problems and is also used in cleaning products. However, the great thing about vinegar, which is unlike chemical products, is that Stop Spawning on the Scalp In addition, vinegar is a great disinfectant and pH regulator. Many people use it as a home conditioner because it makes hair shiny and soft; To fight head lice, you can use apple cider vinegar or other types, but it is better to be natural, not pasteurized vinegar, and one point, all the following treatments should be diluted with water.

1. Treatment of head lice with vinegar and rosemary:

The first treatment, as well as the most traditional home remedy, is rosemary vinegar. You can make it yourself using rosemary, which is a medicinal plant with antiseptic properties. That way, you can fix it when you need it, and it never expires or breaks down.


2 glasses of vinegar (400 ml)

2 to 4 fresh rosemary sprigs

How to prepare it:

Put both ingredients in a glass.

Seal it well and let it rest for a month.

You can use it after a month, but you can also let it stay longer and stronger.

2. Treatment of hair lice with vinegar and tea tree oil:

Tea tree oil is a natural product that you should always have in your cabinet. This powerful oil helps fight a variety of diseases, viruses, bacteria and fungi. To get the result, add this substance to your shampoo for a preventative agent, or you can even mix it with vinegar for immediate treatment. However, we must warn you of its very strong and pungent odor.


1 glass of vinegar (200 ml)

10 drops of tea tree oil

How to prepare it?

Mix both ingredients and pour into a spray bottle.

Shake well before use.

Tea tree oil

Ways to treat head lice

3. Treatment of lice with vinegar, garlic and eucalyptus:

One of the home remedies that is always effective is garlic, a natural antibiotic. At the same time, due to its strong odor like its properties, garlic is a great remedy for acne. In this case, you can use eucalyptus oil. Add garlic to reduce the smell a little and make the effects even greater.

Raw material:

1 glass of vinegar (200 ml)

1 clove of garlic

10 drops of eucalyptus oil

How to prepare it?

Mash the vinegar with garlic.

Stir the resulting mixture well and place it in a bowl.

Add eucalyptus oil as well.

Shake before use.

4. Treatment of lice with vinegar and coconut oil:

To prepare this home remedy, you need to mix vinegar and coconut oil. This vegetable oil is becoming less and less popular in the world due to its special properties.


1 glass of vinegar (200 ml)

1/2 cup coconut oil (100 g)

How to prepare it:

Mix the two ingredients together and pour them into a glass.

Coconut oil should remain solid at 23 °.

Stir well and be sure to shake before consumption.

5. Treat lice with vinegar and salt


¼ Cup of salt

¼ Cup of vinegar


Thoroughly mix the salt and vinegar.

Spray the resulting mixture gently on all hair so that the entire surface of the hair is moisturized.

Now put a hat on your head and wait for 2 hours and then wash your hair.

Repeat this procedure every 3 days to get rid of baby head lice

Source: May Show