Using the capacities of the constituency will be helpful

Dr. Ali Baqer Taherinia, Research Assistant farhangian University At the opening ceremony of the Office of Basic Studies of Islamic Education, Farhangian University Teacher Training Center, while praising the efforts of the center’s staff, said: “When an organization is established, one dimension is structural recognition and the other is credibility.” Financially and supportively.

He pointed out: The consistency and durability of this organization is based on the fact that if the work is done properly, it will not be vulnerable to the movement of people.

The Vice Chancellor for Research of Farhangian University continued: Universities are under the fence of some restrictions Ministry of Science They do not have the capacity for innovation. The field gives us the capacity to establish a research institute or sign a research contract.

Dr. Taherinia with emphasis on the university’s use of capacities Area , Reminded: In the discussion of establishing the journal, the condition of the Ministry of Science is that your editor must be a full professor and belong to the same institute. Since this condition is not fulfilled, it will not be possible to establish a scientific journal. In such a situation, using the capacities of the constituency will be the way forward. We can use seminary regulations with a combination of seminary and university layouts with a single concern.

Regarding the activities of the Office of Basic Studies of Islamic Education, he said: “Among the missions that this office can prioritize its work is to evaluate the quality of Article 28 students and compare them with students from Students. Also, comparing the effectiveness and professional efficiency of their teachers and other teachers should be on the agenda of this office.