Validity of the teacher ranking bill in the budget 1400 + details

Minister of Education Mohsen Hajir Mirzaei stated about the status of the teacher ranking bill: Before me, in previous years, a ranking stage was implemented and at that time the capacities of the tenth chapter of the Civil Service Law were used and teachers were placed in different ranks.

He continued: “So when we were supposed to implement the ranking, once the ranking was formed and we had to use the same rankings and increase the benefits, we used the same path and increased the benefits.”

Haji Mirzaei, stating that we tested for those who wanted to be promoted, said: “In March, the capacity of 50% of the tenth chapter of the Civil Service Management Law belonged to all government employees, and with this privilege, we needed to restore the ranking.”

He added: “We prepared the ranking bill in coordination with the Program and Budget Organization and the Administrative and Employment Affairs Organization and presented it to the government. We also saw the ranking budget in next year’s budget, that is, in the government bill, this budget is foreseen.”

The Minister of Education expressed his hope that the teacher ranking bill will be approved by the end of the year and its implementation from next year, adding: Done next year.

Source: Fars