Various types of hydrocarbon products are offered today in Iran Energy Exchange

According to Baaqtesad, today, Sunday, December 20, Sepahan Oil Extract Goods, Halal 402 and Halal 406 Isfahan Oil Refinery, Halal 402 Kermanshah Oil Refinery, Isfahan Steel Tar, Gas Condensate of South Pars Gas Complex and Heavy Naphtha of Tehran Oil Refinery in the Ring Internal and refined residue of distillation tower (ATR-140) of Shazand oil refining will be offered in the international ring of the physical market of Iran Energy Exchange.

Yesterday, heavy cutting goods from oil and petrochemical refineries except gasoline and diesel, hydrocarbon cutting from petrochemical waste free of any subsidies and Biston petrochemical refiner, Halal 402 Tabriz oil refinery and Tehran 402 Halal oil refinery Physics of Iran Energy Exchange were traded.

During yesterday’s trading, more than 532 tons of hydrocarbon products worth more than 49 billion and 408 million rials were traded in the physical market of Iran Energy Exchange.