Victim: They conclude with a series of solutions that only work in Iran, but they are nothing in Asia / Peykan should score 7 goals from Saipa, but the head coach of this team speaks differently / Do not deceive people so much and let football progress

Saipa team coach made harsh words against Peykan staff and Persepolis opponents

According to ILNA, Pirooz Ghorbani, the orange-clad coach, said about the technical performance of the team: “We have been playing football on the agenda in the previous 9 games, but I think the samba of other friends is stronger and they are maneuvered.” We see simple games from other teams, but we have had good opportunities for us in the last three games. We need more work, but the football we play is higher than the Iranian class.

In response to the clash at the end of the game, the victim explained: “Nothing happened and only one of the players in the oil industry, I think, saw the game the other way around.” In the second half, we should have won 6-7 goals, but this player said something to one of our coaches that had nothing to do with him, and of course, there was a confrontation. It was nothing special and I hope one day this bad luck will end and our children will get paid for their beautiful play.

Saipa coach, referring to the technical performance of his team, said: the second half of this game, playing with arrows and cars, etc. Unfortunately, a series of friends, I do not mean a specific person and I say to myself at all, to speak in the conference after the game in such a way as if you own 100% of the field, is just your own deception. I respect Peykan’s staff, but let them go and see the video of the game, what the result should be, and then come and interview. Maybe four people from far and wide will confirm their words and the rest will laugh at you! That’s how you interview the game you should have lost 7-1. In the same game, I respect the good team of the oil industry, but in the second half, with a difference of at least 6 goals, it should have ended in our favor, but you are interviewing and who do you want to deceive? You have had a team for 10-15 years, and God willing, it will be 30 years, but what has happened to Iranian football, except that you know a series of solutions that can only be achieved in Iranian football, and you have nothing to say in Asia.

“The countries around our region are getting results because they only work on football, but we are going backwards,” he told the Peykan staff. Because we have a series of coaches that our football literacy is low and those coaches use football illiteracy and do interviews that are completely different from the reality of 180 degrees. Thank God the video camera was invented. I’m surprised that we had to score 7 goals in a game and the opposing team had a chance to score, but their coach interviews that we could have won the game. Dad, what is this and I swear to God that it is a deception of you and the people. Peykan coach, when you come and say that I had enough control over the game until the 60th minute, you are deceiving yourself, the people and the manager of your club. There is a game video and sit down and analyze based on it. A game where you have to lose by 6 goals, you should not talk like you should have scored 4 goals. Maybe our team is doing poorly in this regard, but one day our bad luck will end. On that day, all Iranian football must take off their hats and respect the show that Saipa has. Again, I tell my colleagues not to deceive the people with the Quran and let Iranian football shake itself.

“These words are to deceive and cover up our weaknesses,” the victim said in response to recent talk of a “special team” and that there is this specialness and that a team gets a point. If you mean Persepolis, I am an independent and I became the captain of this team from the youth of this team. I say this as a technician “Persepolis is one of the most technical teams in Iran and you saw its football against the textile and even the Asian final. These words are deceiving ourselves and I have nothing to do with planning and other things. Any planning What is done is done in the end on the football field, you strengthen yourself technically and come to win Persepolis, Saipa, Esteghlal and any team that claims to be special, but we all look for marginal issues We just want to take the public mind to the other side, and our technical literacy is low, and we stir up these words that have no documents with a vicious circle. The countries of the region run away from us, but see us. What is the situation like?

The former captain of Esteghlal, in response to the question why he did not want to work as an assistant to Stramaccioni in Esteghlal before, but is now in the staff of Ebrahim Sadeghi, said: “I value what I do.” I have to work, and to take a picture with Mr. Stramaccioni may be an honor for many, but not for me. I would like to work where I have a field of action and Saipa provides and works in this environment, but if someone wants to fill the bench, there are many ahead of me who can be with Mr. Stramaccioni for a souvenir photo.