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Vishka Asayesh (Born on November 7, 1351 in Tehran) is an Iranian actor and costume designer for cinema, television and theater. Vishka Asayesh (born November 7, 1351 in Tehran) is an Iranian actor, costume designer, cinema, television and theater. Vishka Asayesh is the niece of Maziar Parto (Iranian filmmaker) and the granddaughter of Shin Parto (writer and poet).


first name and last name Vishka Asayesh
field of activity Cinema, television and theater
Birth 16 November 1351 – Tehran
Profession Actor and costume designer
Years of activity From 1370 until now
Spouse Reza Ghobadi
Children Gueeve
degree of education Bachelor of Costume Design from the University of London

Vishka Asayesh (born November 7, 1982 in Tehran) is an Iranian actress, costume designer and costume designer. She is the niece of Maziar Parto (Iranian filmmaker), and the granddaughter of Shin Parto (writer and poet). He has a degree in stage design from the United Kingdom. His first artistic activity is acting in the series “Imam Ali” directed by Davood Mirbagheri. She won the Crystal Simorgh for Best Actress in a Leading Role at the 29th Fajr Film Festival for her role in Forbidden Gentlemen.

Part of a conversation with Vishka Asayesh

When Vishka was small

Vishka Asayesh: Thinking about my childhood is always fascinating to me and leads to a pleasant feeling. Honestly, as a child, I was a curious and curious person and I wanted to know everything. My father was a technician and he repaired everything himself; Cars, appliances, etc. I was also trying to pay him, and for example, I suddenly threw out the heart and intestines of the radio, thinking that I was fixing it, I think it was because I wanted to experience There was a lot of orientation in me.

Maybe that’s why after playing the role of “Qattam” in the series “Imam Ali” and being seen, I was locked up living in Iran and went abroad to continue my studies, because I wanted to discover new things and now I was not at rest.

Vishka Asayesh is an actress and costume designer for Iranian cinema, television and theater

I thought they threw their hands at me

Vishka Asayesh: My late uncle “Maziar Parto” was one of the prominent figures in the field of filmmaking. Although I had a very close relationship with him, he had no interest in my presence and that of other relatives in the field of acting, and he preferred that we focus our attention on lessons and school … I will never forget One day at home, I was chatting with my uncle who called me Vishka! We are choosing an actor for the series “Imam Ali”, would you like to play?

I also laughed because I thought my uncle had touched me. Of course, in short, I went behind the scenes to test my makeup and I was selected as a joke for this role, until the last moment I was not in front of the camera. Someone would come and say to me, “Ma’am, we touched you, but to my surprise, no one said that to me, and I played one of my most important roles in that.”

Temporary farewell to acting

Vishka Asayesh: As I mentioned at the beginning of my talk, after playing this role, I went abroad to continue my studies according to my plan. Traveling abroad was a different experience for me, as it taught me how to stand on my own two feet while studying and become acquainted with the culture of other countries.

I fell in love with Reza

Vishka Asayesh: During my travels to Iran, I saw my wife Reza Ghobadi. From the first moment I saw him, I realized that he is the man of my dreams and he has the same qualities that I have always had in mind, a tall, serious and gentlemanly man.

I spent a lot of time getting to know him from a distance and every time I got to know him I became more interested in him, but one day I came to my senses and saw that I was wasting my time without realizing my true feelings. Tell Reza that because of this, I became careless with the judgments and talked to him about my true feelings and told him that I would like to meet and marry him. Fortunately, my proposal was welcomed and Reza and I got married, and then I decided to live abroad and came to Iran to experience a good and happy life with my wife, and now this decision is very much I am happy that Reza is my wife.