Warning; Beware of SIM cards with fake identities

According to Borna; Ahmad Rahmanian, referring to the meeting of the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office with the Radio Regulatory Authority, added: “One of the problems and methods of committing a crime is the use of SIM cards without identity or with fake identities. Therefore, the Tehran Prosecutor’s Office enters into this issue to prevent crime.” has done.

He continued: “Unfortunately, some people use these SIM cards without identity or with fake identities to trick people into ATMs and defraud them, and some people use these SIM cards in cyberspace and commit crimes in this regard.” Measures have been taken in the presence of the officials of the Ministry of Communications.

The Deputy Prosecutor of Tehran added: In this regard, the owners of the SIM cards can be informed about the number of SIM cards with their names by sending an SMS to number 3, and be informed of the SIM cards used by others and not approved, and follow the legal process and refer to Cut off the SIM card to the first communication service offices, because in case of a crime, the person whose name is on the SIM card will be responsible.

Rahmanian continued: “In addition, the heirs must take action to determine the assignment or termination of the SIM cards whose owners have died, because in case of misuse, the heirs have legal responsibility.”

The Deputy Prosecutor of Tehran also warned the communication services offices: to have sufficient supervision and sensitivity in issuing SIM cards so that the issuance of SIM cards is in accordance with the registration system and the identity of the owners is verified.

Rahmanian emphasized that the offending communication services offices will be prosecuted, and continued: “In this regard, it has been decided to visit the communication offices in a tangible or intangible manner by the Radio Regulatory Authority so that if any violations are committed, they will be dealt with.”

The Deputy Prosecutor of Tehran pointed to another measure taken to issue a SIM card and explained: In addition, it was decided that the SIM card with fingerprints and biometrics will be issued within the next 4 days to issue a SIM card with fake documents completely from Disappear.