Warning to the radio and television to promote this product

According to Eqtesadnews, quoted by ISNA, these days, edible oil is advertised on TV networks, which has three uses at the same time: “cooking, salad and frying”; Meanwhile, Vahid Marandi Moghaddam, the Deputy Supervisor of Standard Execution, has refuted this claim by stating that the three-function oil advertised by Sada-e-Islami is against the standard.

Broadcasting of TV commercials on world networks (especially state networks) often takes place according to a written protocol that obliges the network owner to comply with it, but the extent to which our national media complies with these protocols is debatable. We seem to reach a negative answer in this regard.

Leaving aside the past practice of the media in promoting slimming tea and snail cream and promoting all kinds of harmful foods, these days we come to a new phenomenon in television advertising that is highly debatable in the days of coronation and the body’s greater need for health; Advertising non-standard edible oil with three uses !; An issue that was also criticized last night on the Radio Health Network.

Gholamreza Amini, Director General of Supervision of Halal Food and Hygiene Standards, in a live broadcast with the last part of the “+ Health” program of the Sima Health Network, was asked by a TV presenter whether salad oils, cooking oils and frying oils are different. By what justification are all three of these applications currently offered as one product?

Amini emphasized: The oil has been proposed as a product with three uses, which is not approved by the National Organization for Standardization and is said only to induce suspicion for the consumer and increase sales and consumption.

In response to the aforementioned disapproval, how does he promote oil with three uses? He stated: Sada-e-Islami has taken the necessary warnings in this regard and has been warned not to broadcast these advertisements, and they only have oils with one application of this license, and the necessary legal measures have been taken in this case and for the relevant units of Sada-e-Islami.

Amini on the fact that the simultaneous issuance of the necessary labels on the product packaging is accompanied by production licenses that are also approved by the competent authorities, how do these labels list all three applications in one product? He emphasized: this is a complete violation and the labels were changed illegally and the violation was confirmed by the organization on another label.