Warning; Young people owe money to banks with “80 million marriage loans”

The Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, lamenting the lack of specific instructions to monitor the recipients of marriage loans so far, said: “We should think about the resilience of young people to repay marriage loans so that young couples receive marriage loans to fix From their problems, they do not become bank debtors at the beginning of their lives.

Mohammed Mehdi تندگویان the door Conversation With ISNA, Regarding the proposal to increase the marriage loan to 80 million Tomans by a member of the Commission for the Consolidation of the 1400 Budget Bill, stating that one of the biggest actions of the Twelfth Government is to update the loan payment,
He stated: We are the representative of the government and the defender of the budget bill sent by the government to the parliament, on the other hand, every year after the budget bill is sent by the government to the parliament, the number of marriage loans by the parliament increases. If the central bank can provide its resources and provide comprehensive instructions to monitor the recipients and reduce the deviations caused by its increase, we have no problem with increasing the number of marriage loans and we are not against it.

Providing credit to increase the marriage loan to 80 million requires expert opinion

Regarding the explanation of a member of the 1400 Budget Consolidation Commission regarding the provision of credits to increase the marriage loan to 80 million Tomans through a part of the current Qarz al-Hasna deposits, he specified: The budget plan of the country and the Central Bank is whether the stated figures of increasing the marriage loan and its repayment can be provided due to the postponement of the repayment installments of the marriage loan by some branches due to the Covid 19 pandemic conditions or not.

Can young couples repay an 80 million loan?

What is the basis for increasing the loan?

Tandgovian believes that the reason and amount of the increase in marriage loans should be thoroughly investigated and answered, on what basis is the increase in marriage loans based and what is done to respond ?; Also, the amount of installments that couples take by increasing the amount of marriage loan to 80 million Tomans and repayment for 8 years seems to be around two million Tomans, which is one of the significant points that should be considered whether young couples Are they able to pay for it at the beginning of life?

The Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Sports and Youth continued about the reason for the proposal to increase the loan to 80 million Tomans: What is the reason for this increase in the marriage loan figure? Why did they offer an increase of 50 million to 80 million and why not, for example, 100 million? What is the rationale for proposing these numbers? And which part of the youth problems in marriage is this increase in loans supposed to solve? We have asked many times about these issues but they have not been answered properly.

According to him, temporary assistance in the discussion of increasing marriage loans has not been able to lead to an increase in the number of marriages in the country, and despite the increase in marriage loans every year, we have witnessed a decrease in marriage statistics and increasing consequences.

Intermittent childbearing assistance is not helpful

The need for long-term lifelong assistance to increase population

Tondgovian also said about the offer of a loan of 20 million Tomans for childbearing: In the discussion of childbearing, my suggestion is to replace permanent long-term assistance with temporary assistance. We need to replace marriage assistance with family-centered help and having children and having a good family to help with our bigger goal, the population crisis.

He believes that solutions such as exempting part of the tax for those who have children can be substituted for a loan of 20 million Tomans for childbearing. People with four children, who are considered to be an ideal family, can also be exempted from paying taxes – in the private and public sectors – for life, or incentives can be created through insurance deductions.

The Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Sports and Youth stated: “It is even possible to turn the right to family into an acceptable amount that is welcomed and paid continuously on the salaries of individuals.” Free housing, low-cost housing in the best conditions for people with four children is also one of the ways to increase childbearing so that the benefits of lifelong incentives include families, which will surely be more welcomed by the people.

“Our suggestion to the parliament is that if they want to increase the population and have children, they should turn cross-sectional incentives into permanent and lifelong incentives in a step-by-step manner with a specific table, taking into account the country’s facilities and credits,” Tondgovian said.

We are worried about the increase in forced marriages to enjoy the benefits of marriage loans

Emphasizing that the issues of concern of this deputy in increasing marriage loans are focused on preventing possible abuses of marriage loans and deviations in its payment and withdrawal, he added: Our concern is forced marriage because of the financial benefits of marriage loans. If there are no accurate and comprehensive guidelines for recipients in monitoring the cost model, grant any facilities that are paid at a low rate and with good benefits to the recipient, especially in the current economic crisis – existing sanctions and conditions created by the Pandemic Quid 19. It creates the possibility of any deviation such as buying and selling loans, marriage and formal divorce, forced marriage, etc.

Many of the deviations caused by the increase in marriage loans are not noticeable

The Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Sports and Youth said: “Many of these deviations are not observable and identifiable due to the lack of special instructions, so it is not possible to consider a number for it and said that these deviations have a small share in increasing marriage loans.” Even the purchase and sale of this loan cannot be counted, because after receiving the loan, we think that this loan was received for the purpose of marriage, while this loan has been bought and sold, as if Currently, there are loan buying and selling sites, and marriage loan sales are abundant on these sites, which means that it deviates from the main purpose of granting marriage loans to young people.

Tondgovian added: “On the other hand, in order to receive this loan, a formal divorce and re-referral between the couple has been done, and while there are cases that cannot be monitored because they are not monitored by an institution and instructions based on supervision.” It also does not exist.

Eight months later, the central bank has not yet issued instructions

We need to make sure that this loan is used for marriage

He continued: “But the important point is after receiving the loan, so that the young person can easily receive the marriage loan, but instructions such as receiving documents by the bank to spend money on the marriage or referring the bank supervisor to find out about the marriage.” And … in order to have sufficient supervision over the borrower so that these sums must be spent on marriage. It is common for all loans to be repaid in the country to reduce irregularities.

“We have to make sure that this loan is paid for in marriage,” he added. Unfortunately, after receiving a marriage loan in the country, there are no instructions to monitor it, and the instruction must be done as soon as possible. The president also ordered it to the Central Bank, but unfortunately, after eight months, no action has been taken in this regard. Is. Also, if it is decided that the couple will receive a marriage loan of 160 million Tomans next year, we are worried about the increase in its consequences.

The increase in marriage loans has not yet led to an increase in marriage

According to him, this deputy is not against the increase in marriage loans, and the warnings given are based on the increase of marriage loans only based on a review of real statistics, because Despite the increase in marriage loans from 1996, which was 10 million tomans, to now, which is 50 million tomans, the number of marriages in the country has decreased and consequences have been created for it.

The Deputy Minister of Youth Affairs of the Ministry of Sports and Youth, referring to other youth problems in the field of marriage, such as safe employment and cheap housing, which will not be created by young people if they do not need to receive marriage loans, emphasized in the end: We are not against paying and increasing loans. It seems that marriage loans in general have not been able to increase the number of marriages, so we must move towards incentives that include family priority and permanent and childbearing in order to help us grow the marriage in the country.

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