Wars that happened for ridiculous reasons

The shortest war in the history of the world took place between Britain and Zanzibar, which is said to have lasted no more than 38 to 45 minutes, and Britain, with its tools and facilities and taking advantage of the betrayal of some Zanzibars, dominated this African country.

The greatest war ever recorded in world history is a series of wars known as the Hundred Years’ War. These wars took place between England and France between 1337 and 1453.

These wars were so long that during the war, France had 5 kings and England had 5 different kings, each winning or losing in some areas, and finally, after several years, France won the hostility.

All wars will have many life, financial and psychological effects. Most of the wars in history have been for important reasons such as territory, natural resources, defense of honor or political freedoms, but some of the wars have been quite ridiculous and the reason that led to those wars is hilarious.

Pig War

Wars that happened for ridiculous reasons

As the name implies, this war was the primary reason for killing a pig. The war broke out in 1859 between the United States and Great Britain on the island of San Juan, where the incident began when American immigrants and British workers from the Hudson Company resided on the island, both claiming ownership of the land. An American farmer named Lyman Cutler sees a pig eating its potatoes in the garden, aiming and shooting at the animal. The killing of a British-owned pig has escalated tensions, and the British have decided to arrest a farmer. On the other hand, the news reached the American army and they sent a group to prevent this. The British also send their armed forces to the area and there is a cold conflict between the two sides. Finally, in October 1859, the war between the two sides was declared with negotiations concluded and no casualties were reported.

Nika War

Wars that happened for ridiculous reasons

In 532 AD, large sections of the population gathered in the streets of Constantinople and set fire to large parts of the city, even leading to the overthrow of the government of Emperor Justin, all due to chariot races. In the sixth century, chariot races reached their peak of popularity and took place in the equestrian arena of Constantinople. In each match, large crowds of fans were divided into two groups and supported their team, although their behavior was more like that of street gangsters than sports fans. The most famous teams at the time were called the Blues and Greens, and the rebellion dates back to the day when the emperor refused to pardon two members of the blue team who had been sentenced to death. In a rare coincidence, supporters of the two groups united and revolted. After a few days, they were able to set fire to the city headquarters and fight the soldiers of the empire. Eventually, the emperor cracked down and killed more than 30,000 people around the racetrack.

Wandering Dog War

Wars that happened for ridiculous reasons

In one of the strangest conflicts of the twentieth century, a dog caused an international crisis. Greece and Bulgaria did not have good relations due to the rivalry over the ownership of Macedonia, and the killing of this dog also opened the old wounds. The story begins when on October 19 a dog belonging to a Greek soldier goes to the Bulgarian border and the soldier follows him so that the dog does not cross the border, but the Greek soldier catches his dog when they have just entered the Bulgarian border and one He shoots at the Bulgarian soldiers. This angered the Greeks, who soon invaded Bulgaria, capturing several cities and even firing on Petrich. The United Nations condemns the attack and calls for an end to it. Eventually the negotiations came to an end and the two countries ended the conflict, and the only thing left was the bodies of 50 innocent people.

Jenkins Ear War

Wars that happened for ridiculous reasons

In 1738, a British sailor named Robert Jenkins showed a decaying piece of ear to members of the British Parliament and explained in court that members of the Spanish Coast Guard had cut off his ear seven years earlier for smuggling at sea. The British government, which had already had a major dispute with Spain over land and border resources, soon convened a meeting and decided to go to war with Spain. The Jenkins War began in 1739 and continued for two years in Florida and Georgia, merging with the War of Succession in Austria until the end of the war in 1748.

French pastry war

Wars that happened for ridiculous reasons

In 1828, large numbers of people took to the streets of Mexico, destroying parts of the city. One of the victims was a French chef named Remontel, who immigrated to Mexico and owned a cafe that had been completely looted by the rebels. Mexican authorities ignored the chef’s grievances and he was forced to write a claim for damages to his country’s authorities to pursue. His lawsuit was dismissed for a decade until the reign of Louis Philippe. The king had a previous turmoil for not repaying the loans to the Mexicans, and this was a good excuse to put pressure on the Mexicans. The king demanded 600,000 pesos in compensation for the French chef, but the Mexicans refused to pay, and the king announced a new move to start the war.

In October 1838, a navy entered Mexico and besieged the city of Veracruz. The ships bombed San Juan and its military fort, and by December of that year the death toll had risen to 250. Finally, in March 1839, the British government intervened and the Mexicans paid the French money to end the ridiculous war.