Was Nourollahi’s penalty worse or Shiri?

Persepolis did not win the cup in the final match of the Asian Champions League, despite the merit and good play that all the players of this team showed during the 90 minutes, with two penalties that they gave to their Korean opponent.

According to ISNA, the football teams of Persepolis and Ulsan Hyundai of South Korea met in the final match of the Asian Champions League at the South Qatar Stadium, and this crucial match ended in a 2-1 victory for the Korean team, so that the whites for the second time. In the last few years, while reaching the final, they have missed the cup.

Although it seemed that Yahya Golmohammadi’s students would have difficult conditions in this match due to the absence of players such as Vahid Amiri, Issa Al-Kathir and Ehsan Pahlavan, but during the 90 minutes, they were able to keep pace with the opponent and were less than the champion. did not have.

This sensitive match had two very important scenes; two scenes that led to a penalty in favor of South Korea’s Ulsan. Ahmad Nourollahi in the 45 + 1 minute and Mehdi Shiri in the 54th minute.

In terms of time, the final moments of the first half are one of the most important minutes of the match for scoring and scoring goals, and the team that receives the goal in these moments is more difficult in terms of mental condition of the second half, and the team that manages to score He will generally have 45 minutes better than his opponent.

The first penalty scene

In the 45 + 1 minute, a collision took place between Noorullahi and a Korean player in the penalty area, but the referee did not believe in a penalty. After reviewing the images with the help of a video referee, the referee showed the penalty spot. In the 45 + 4 minute, Junior Negravo was behind the penalty kick and hit his shot to the left of Persepolis’ goal, which Hamed Lak saved incompletely, and in Junior’s return, his team equalized.

Ahmad Nourollahi’s penalty scene, however, had two very important points; First of all, in one of the worst minutes of the game and in the last seconds of the match in the first half, it led to a goal for the white opponent, and if Persepolis had managed the game for a few more minutes, they could have gone to the locker room with the first half victory.

The second point about Noorullahi’s penalty is that, as it turned out, this scene was not a dangerous situation inside the Persepolis penalty area, because behind Noorullahi, the Persepolis defenders were present in the penalty area, and due to the penalty location in the corner of the 18th yard. Gadam, this scene was not considered a dangerous situation at all, and maybe if the white midfielder had not made a mistake on the Korean player, we would not have even seen a dangerous situation on Hamed Lak’s goal.

Second penalty

In the 54th minute, Mehdi Shiri was sent by the Korean player in the penalty area, but the referee did not see this scene and the game continued. In the 55th minute, Jr. Negrau was again behind Ulsan Hyundai’s penalty kick and scored his team’s goal for the second time, and the Korean team was two to one ahead of Persepolis.

Regarding Mehdi Shiri’s penalty, the most important point was the improper timing while sending the ball, and due to the improper placement in the cover of the Korean team’s striker, who was placed behind the right defender of Persepolis, the defender decided to use his hand and finally A penalty will be awarded to the opposing team. Another important issue regarding Shiri’s penalty against Noorullahi was the dangerous position of South Korea’s Ulsan Hyundai, and certainly the passing of Shiri would put Jr. Negrave in a very good position to score.

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