Was the financial document problem for hiring tutors solved?

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Tasnim, Qassem Ahmadi Lashkai said about hiring tutoring teachers and literacy movement assistants and starting their training courses at Farhangian University: “People were hired by 4 groups of educators, literacy movement instructors, purchasing services and preschools.”

He added: “There was a problem in paragraph 6.2 of the procedure for preparing these people for employment because the financial document for receiving salaries caused problems for 95% of the preschool staff and there were protests, so we had an amendment that was announced.

The Deputy Minister of Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs of the Ministry of Education said: “General administrations act according to the latest rules. For this year, we have a quota of 25,497 people, which is divided into 31 provinces. Identifies the people involved.

Ahmadi Lashkai said: “Farhangian University is ready to accept these people for a one-year course, and after obtaining a passing score in the end-of-course exam, they will be hired.”

The employment of 4 groups is related to the people who cooperated with education before 1991 and according to Mohsen Haji Mirzaei; The Minister of Education, “The employment of informal teachers from 1992 onwards is subject to their participation in the recruitment test and its acceptance. “The problem they may face is that their age has increased, which we add to the allowable age limit for taking the exam, and they can take the recruitment exam at an older age.”

The Ministry of Education announced the circular on determining the employment of teaching teachers and instructors of the literacy movement.

In this circular it is stated: ‌ Following the circular dated 15 Azar 99 on the subject of the method of the law of interpretation of the annexation of an article to the law on determining the employment duties of teachers and instructors of the literacy movement approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly on 15 May 99, a note except 2-6 paragraphs (6) and a paragraph as paragraph (16) is attached to the said procedure.

Note: If the employees of the tuition fee who are employed and have a personal code, are not able to provide financial documents to receive salaries from public participation, provided that they cooperate with education and have other legal conditions and approval of the regional and city working group and acceptance. Legal responsibility for the accuracy of information is included in the list of those subject to change of status; The list of persons subject to this note must be approved by the working group and the director general of the province.