Washington announces readiness to lift sanctions “incompatible” with UNHCR

Robert Mali, the US government’s envoy to Iran, claimed in Saturday morning (Tehran time) interviews that Washington was ready to lift “incompatible” sanctions with the UN Security Council.

“We want Iran to return to full compliance with the agreement,” Mali told PBS. The United States knows that [ایران] “In return for adherence, Washington must lift those sanctions that are incompatible with the UN Security Council.”

In another part of the interview, Robert Mali, referring to the increase in Iran’s enriched uranium, stated that the United States is in a much worse position regarding Iran’s nuclear program than when it left the IAEA.

“I remind you that they have ten times more enriched uranium today than in 2017,” he said. “Therefore, based on this simple test of whether we are in a better position, it must be said that no, we are in a worse position.”

The remarks came as senior officials from the parties to the nuclear deal (including Iran, France, Germany, Britain, Russia, China and the European Union) are scheduled to meet with senior US officials on Tuesday to discuss the BRICS in the Austrian capital. .

Iran has ruled out any direct talks with the United States on nuclear issues at the summit. However, US and Iranian representatives will be present at the meeting.

Former US President Donald Trump, after leaving the UN General Assembly, pursued a policy of “maximum pressure” in addition to reinstating the sanctions suspended under the agreement and imposing new sanctions on provocative policies such as the assassination of former Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani. The Revolutionary Guards turned.

Trump’s theory was that these policies could force the Islamic Republic of Iran to negotiate a new agreement instead of Borjam.

He stepped down on January 20 this year after failing to achieve that goal. Trump has been sharply criticized by his critics for his lack of strategy toward Iran, his unnecessary escalation of tensions with the country, and his separation of the United States from his allies.

The new US administration, led by Joe Biden, has admitted that it intends to bring the United States back to the UN Security Council, but has not taken the necessary steps to return to the UN Security Council.