Washington: We respond appropriately to the perpetrators of cyberattacks

While US cyberattacks acknowledge that the recent cyber-attacks on software infrastructure and government networks have seriously damaged and continue to do so, Washington has responded appropriately to the attacks, according to Eqtesadonline.

“Currently, the National Security Council is focusing on the consequences of this incident and is working with inter-organizational partners to alleviate the situation,” National Security Council spokesman John Olliott said Saturday evening.

According to Reuters, Olivier explained to the news agency in an email: [حملات سایبری] “Implemented, will be given.”

Earlier, US President Donald Trump tweeted that everything was under control and that the media had exaggerated the cyber attack.

After various US agencies and organizations, including the Treasury Department, the State Department, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Nuclear National Security Agency, which have been the target of heavy cyber attacks in recent days, Microsoft Technology and Software These attacks were not spared.

The hackers reportedly used software developed by Texas-based network management company Solar Winds to infiltrate corporate networks without being detected.