Wasn’t the polite Obama’s betrayals enough to embellish Biden ?!

The spiritual optimism chosen by Joe Biden has thrown them into a series of fruitless sequels in September 1992; Where Hassan Rouhani was pleased with the correspondence with Barack Obama and the congratulatory message of the then President of the United States, and he considered the tone of the letters constructive and a win-win agreement in his mind. Rouhani, who later answered Obama’s phone and found the Democratic president to be polite and smart, said access to the agreement was easy and achievable. But the intelligence of the President of the United States was given to the 11th government! And to conclude an agreement called Barjam On the one hand, it pushed back Iran’s nuclear program and imposed the most severe inspection systems in history on the country, and on the other hand, it left the US free to violate the treaty so that the next president of the United States could easily turn a pen. Get out.

All these components of the win-win agreement were not considered spiritual and subtle. Snapbeck’s strange mechanism or trigger mechanism in the agreement was nailed like a nail in the coffin to deprive Iran of the ability to take any legal action and force our country to fulfill its obligations in the nuclear agreement unilaterally.

In the wonders of this mechanism, it is enough that the Rouhani administration could not even sue the Trump administration for breaking the agreement and leaving Borjam! Because by activating the dispute resolution mechanism, at the end of this path, all the resolutions that the president and the negotiating team said would be repealed, came back together!

“After the Geneva agreement, we continue to exert strong pressure through sanctions, and just a few months after the Geneva agreement, in December 2013, the United States increased its list of sanctions against Iran under various executive orders,” Obama said. .

January 16, 2015 (December 26, 1994) The Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty between Iran and the P5 + 1 was implemented. In this agreement, compared to Geneva, Iran’s commitments were more limited and the scope for lifting US sanctions was narrowed and limited to lifting only some nuclear sanctions. In addition, the Obama administration violated the UN Security Council’s interpretive text in order to impose the same small consequences for Iran with Emma and If. After Burjam, 180 individuals and entities remain on the US sanctions list.

On the other hand, the structure of the second generation of sanctions remains the same after Borjam. Maintaining this sanctions structure will pave the way for smart US sanctions. In fact, after Burjam, the country enters a new round of sanctions in the Democratic era, and from the very beginning of Burjam until the end of Obama’s presidency, the United States tried to increase the list of sanctions and gradually increase the number of sanctions.