We believe in the vaccine we inject

The first injection of Iranian corona vaccine for the daughter of the Chief of Staff of Imam Khomeini

He added: “This person who was first vaccinated with Covid-19 vaccine was none other than the daughter of Dr. Mokhber, the head of the executive staff of Imam Khomeini’s order.” It was a message to the Iranian nation that what we are going to inject into the Iranian nation, we believe and accept, and if there is a complication, we and our families will buy it for the first time with all our hearts and souls. We do not consider the blood of any of us more red than the blood of the Iranian nation, and we do not consider the lives of our family members dearer than the poorest and hardest working person in the most remote deprived areas of this dormitory.

He continued: “This action started by relying on national strength and pride.”

We were the first vaccinator in Asia

The Minister of Health, stating that I was honored that as an immunologist, we have been committed to promoting vaccination in this country for many years, said: I will say later that 30 years ago, when I was in charge of the country’s health and pursuing new vaccine technologies in the region, What ways did we go? We have been in the vaccine industry for 100 years. Those who think we are getting the vaccine for the first time are very wrong. In 1299 we had the Pasteur Institute and in 1303 we had the Razi Institute. All people started their lives with Iranian vaccines. We were the first vaccinator in Asia and we were the one who exported the vaccine to many countries in the world and the region.

Namaki said: “Of course, the oppression and neglect of these two major international institutions harmed the development of vaccination in the country, but we intend to help with the help of the Vice President for Science and Technology, as well as other affiliated structures including the Pasteur Institute, Razi and the private sector , To offer this advantage of our country to the world.

Namaki continued: “We followed different platforms in the country simultaneously, one of which is the human experiment that started today.” In order not to fall behind the world and at the same time be able to replace another platform as national production if one platform is not successful, we went all the way. In the coming days, we will experience the hassle of our colleagues at the Razi Institute working on animal models and receiving human testing licenses. Razi Institute is one of the largest and most experienced vaccines in the region.

He continued: “After that, there is another new platform that has entered the animal phase and will gradually enter the human phase.” In this great event, I have to thank Dr. Mokhber, Dr. Jamshidi and the executive staff of Farman Imam, who invested in a risky way and started this national action. I have to thank the executive and scientific team for this. The scientific team works in the field of formulations, animal testing, then human testing and, most importantly, reaching the vaccine industry. I would also like to thank the esteemed lady, Dr. Mehrz, who is one of the leading scientists in this country. I hope that in the very near future we will see the beginning of the second clinical phase and then the third human phase, and God willing, we will move towards national production and strengthen national pride in the near future.

Sorena Sattari, Vice President for Science and Technology, also said at the ceremony: “All these cases were under the supervision of the Corona headquarters and Mr. Namaki himself, and I have to thank him.” In these circumstances, the Minister of Health gave the most support to knowledge-based companies due to the outbreak of Corona, and the result was that now we do not import anything in this field, including masks and diagnostic equipment.

Sattari said: “We hope to do well in the field of corona vaccine in the country in the future.”