We cannot break people’s backs and expect resistance

Ayatollah Hashemzadeh Harisi continued: Should people resist the officials who have all the facilities? The ruler of North Korea, with all his vices, cried behind the podium, saying, “My people, I have not been able to do anything for you. Forgive me.” In the same North Korea, which is in a bad situation, the life of the officials is not much different from the people. The authorities there are sympathetic to the people and put them on an equal footing.

The differences between the officials cause the problems of the people to be abandoned

Ayatollah Hashemzadeh Harisi continued: “But while our officials own the house and we see that housing prices have multiplied.” Whatever they have multiplied. People, however, go below the poverty line. They are frustrated with buying a home or even finding an ampule to treat their illness. Unfortunately, while the strata of society are thrown down into poverty, the authorities rise to the top of wealth.

He said: “The differences between the officials cause the problems of the people to be abandoned.” While we have to think to get people’s hands in this difficult situation. What happens calls into question justice, and when it does, the legitimacy of the system is called into question. Ali (AS) has also said something that is very important. “A society whose people are not fair leads to differences,” he said. Because everyone is forcing each other and saying something irrational. If it is fair, man would talk enough.

Officials should not make unintentional promises and keep saying “it will be right”

Ayatollah Hashemzadeh Harisi said: “Some people are sitting inside the country until someone speaks and says ‘he is afraid of America’, why should he be afraid of America. Expresses his opinion; Why is it that everyone who speaks is called a coward? If neither the one who says such things is afraid of America nor the ones who do not say these things are so brave.

“Fairness eliminates differences,” he said. Because the officials of the regime do not observe justice with each other, the people follow them. What can people do in this situation? I ask the officials not to make empty promises and not to constantly say “it will be right”; We have been saying this for 40 years, so when will it be correct? Japan sat on black soil after the US invasion, but it worked hard enough, and after 20 years, it developed to the point where the US needed it.

Have we ever told people what you want or what you say?

The member of the Assembly of Leadership Experts said: God knows that I love this revolution and the system. If I do not say these things, the revolution may be lost. The Imam had also said all these things. He has talked a lot with the officials about the people. He warned, “Fear the day when people will understand what is inside you, and there will be an explosion. Fear the day when one of the “days of God” – God forbid – may be found again. And on that day, it is no longer a matter of returning to the 22nd of Bahman. “” Imam’s Sahifa, Volume 14, Page 380 “

He said: We must maintain holiness, justice, fairness, politeness and sanctity in the system. We have to satisfy the people. Have we ever told people what you want or what you say? Although the issue of referendum or referendum is mentioned in the constitution, have we ever used this issue and asked people’s opinion on an issue? I want to say that the concern is not what the people want in the minds of the officials. I do not want to say why many decisions and laws do not refer to the people’s votes, but my question is whether we really care what the people want?

Conflicts make people think we don’t care about them

Ayatollah Hashemzadeh Harisi said: “People have been abandoned.” Officials put aside disputes. When they find these differences, they break the back of the system. Then they feel a false victory. The parliament thinks that it has defeated the government with some behaviors or vice versa. If these practices continue, the claim that the people will collapse due to factional differences in power may come true.

He continued: “Collaborations make people think that we do not care about them and this adds to their dissatisfaction.” To say no to disagreement does not mean to support the government. In any case, the government must be strong and should not be considered a traitor. I also have many complaints from this government because once in these 8 years, I could not see the president and talk to him about the pain I had in my heart. So the result is what you see. The opposition also has many problems, and this criticism has been leveled at them. Unfortunately, we are all sitting in the same boat and we are piercing it in disbelief. God forbid that one day we drown in this ship.