We follow the rightful demands of nurses

He added: “There are some other people in our society who do important things that are very effective and deal with the lives, lives and property of all people.” They do it quietly and then they are appreciated when they are not. Our good nurses are from this group.

Qalibaf continued: “During the holy defense, in those difficult conditions, we realized how important the fighters were.” They worked and toiled without any expectations. Recently, many of our young people may have seen how our young people went and sacrificed when ISIS came to our borders in the Iraqi region. Sacrifice is always the prelude to victory, and today we explicitly tell you that dear nurses and good brothers and sisters are truly an example of sacrifice, kindness and diligence, and we are sincerely proud of each and every one of you. You are really good heroes of the Iranian people and the story of your sacrifice will always be told in history, generation after generation and by the youth and people of the country, how you stood selflessly, you were saved and how you died without facilities and equipment. Save your loved one.

“I saw these people in the hospital and talked to them,” he said, noting that half of the country’s nurses were injured during the Corona and were infected with the virus once or three times. Nearly 100 of our nurses were martyred. I hope all of us Iranians appreciate your angels and devotees. Only today do we understand well how you made the meaning of the day of birth of Hazrat Zainab (PBUH) called “Nurse’s Day”.

He stated: “By your presence on the subject of Corona, you have shown that you are the real example of this day.” Congratulations on this day to each and every one of you dear nurses.

In the end, Qalibaf said: “I and others like me, as your servant, are determined to have decisive support for you, God willing, and not to neglect the pursuit of legitimate demands, job security and the continuation of your work.” I wish all of you good health with freshness, vitality and a happy ending with your esteemed families.