We make every effort to maintain order

The Journalists’ Club / Irish Government Representative to the United Nations has stated that Dublin will make every effort to safeguard the Iran nuclear deal.

Online triangle analytical news site:

According to the Times, Ireland’s permanent representative to the United Nations has said that Dublin will work to preserve the Iran nuclear deal.
“Next year is an important year for the Iran nuclear deal, and we are working to preserve it,” said Geraldine Bayern Nason, referring to Ireland’s membership in the Security Council from the beginning of 2021.
The Irish representative told the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament this month that Ireland would do everything in its power in the Security Council to safeguard the Iran nuclear deal.
Ireland recently won a seat on the UN Security Council and has held the seat for two years.
In May 2018, the Donald Trump administration unilaterally violated the Iran nuclear deal, known as the Borjam, on the false pretext of violating it by Iran. After that, the inhumane campaign launched maximum pressure with the focus on economic terrorism against the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to provide theatrical negotiations through this window to achieve its intentions; An arrow that hit a rock despite the tightening of sanctions.
Now, with the change of government in Washington, everyone is watching to see what will happen to the Iranian nuclear deal during the Biden era, which claims to return to the UN Security Council and negotiate with Iran.