We merged the livelihood decree of the government and the parliament

Referring to the statistics and reports on the situation of coronary heart disease in the country, the President said: “Fortunately, with the measures taken to implement the restrictions and good cooperation of the people in observing health protocols, we do not have any red cities in the country.” It is gratifying and the result of the good efforts and cooperation of the people.

Rouhani, meanwhile, noted: “Of course, the fact that we do not have a red city today does not mean that this situation is stable and permanent, and disregard for health regulations will definitely cause us problems again, so use a mask and observe distance as A well-known practice should still be on the agenda, and the holding of gatherings and epochs, which in today’s society are known as a denial act, must be avoided.

Rouhani also thanked the staff of the country’s education sector, including professors and teachers, who worked hard to ensure that our children were not deprived of education and knowledge during the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Referring to the decision of the National Anti-Corona Headquarters to provide livelihood assistance to those who do not have a fixed salary and income and have been affected by the Corona, the President said: “With the coordination made with the Islamic Consultative Assembly and combining 2 resolutions Assistance to the injured from Corona, the resolution of the National Headquarters in this regard was amended and it was decided to pay 120,000 Tomans per person to groups such as people covered by the Welfare and Relief Committee instead of 100,000 Tomans per month.

Referring to the forthcoming Fatimid era, Rouhani added: “Our situation is such that faithful aid should continue to increase to those in need, and good people can use the upcoming Fatimid era to provide their faithful assistance.” According to the decree of the National Headquarters against Corona, it was decided to design and predict the necessary regulations and protocols for holding the Fatimid ceremony.

In another part of his speech, Rouhani addressed those who are always angry when they hear about the successes of the Iranian nation and are constantly working against Iran, saying: “What this government has done in the field of free water, electricity and gas for the deprived sections of the country this year and wishes We have been over the past 42 years, ‌ an unparalleled and honorable job.

The President emphasized: In the electricity and gas sector, great work has been done so that 2,500 MW is added to the country’s electricity production annually, and by the end of this government, electricity production will reach 20,000 MW, and with this capability, 30 million people from The country’s low-consumption population will have free electricity from December, and almost the same number will use free gas, as gas production in the country has reached one billion cubic meters for the first time.

In the last part of his speech, Rouhani also stressed the need to strictly observe health protocols and social distancing and avoid communities and periods, as well as caring for the elderly and vulnerable, and said: “Observing 2 weeks of full quarantine is very important for patients with the disease.” Penalties for violating the quarantine period must also be severely punished.