We must form a coalition to confront China!

He even claimed that Washington needed a coalition of allied countries to confront China.

Biden added: “In trying to hold China accountable for commercial, technological and human rights abuses, we are at the forefront of forming a coalition of like-minded partners and allies who have common motives in defending our values ​​and interests.”

He also claimed that the United States alone 25 percent of World Economy In cooperation with other democratic partners, we can double the power of economic leverage against China.

Biden continued: In any issue related to China; When we work with a group of nations that share a common vision for the future of the world; We will be stronger and more effective.

He also argued that in order to meet security challenges from Russia and China, the United States should make reforms, one of which is to modernize defense priorities in order to better deal with future attacks.

According to Biden, this modernization is far better than investing in older systems designed to deal with past threats.