We need to take a deeper look at the phenomenon of entrance exams

Minister Mohsen Haji Mirzaei Education In the fourteenth session of the series of dialogue sessions of the week, which aims to establish communication and two-way interaction between the Ministry of Education and various agencies of the country and on the topic of dialogue centered on change and with the presence of Mansour Gholami, Minister of Science, Research and Technology. The whole education and training of the provinces and heads of 760 education regions of the country was held by video conference through the educational network (Shad), he said: Education is one of the greatest opportunities for a society to build the future, nurturing responsible and capable people to The excellence and progress of the individual and society.

The Minister of Education and Training considered social capital as one of the most important assets of any society and said: “Social capital means the manner, quality and type of trust between individuals and social relations that are going on in society.” Humans are the builders of the institutions of society, and institutions facilitate relationships, and in a general sense, the type and quality of the integration of individuals together shape society.

Babian said that the Ministry of Education and Training and Ministry of Science , Research and Technology are the main custodians of education and training of people in society, said: The first question that these two large institutions are obliged to answer is whether they train people well and correctly for the future and to confront them rationally with Do they equip future problems and remind them well of their role in society and in the face of the social responsibility that lies with them? Is our joint product a coordinated product.

The Minister of Education stated that we should examine whether the joint product of these two devices is an intelligent combination of people at the level of the Islamic Republic who have the ability to deal appropriately and correctly with social issues and what may be faced in life or No, he stated: To achieve these goals, the plans of the two Ministries of Education and Science and Science, Research and Technology should be part of a national program and the two agencies should have joint meetings, coordinated evaluations of work and joint improvement and excellence policies. And finally have a single summary of the past and a common drawing of the future, and I believe the third question is whether we have succeeded in creating this interaction.

Regarding the problems of entrance exams and entering the university for students, the Minister of Education said: “Laws have been enacted to solve the problem of entrance exams, so in addition to all our efforts to reduce stress and students entering the university, we must take a deeper and deeper look at this phenomenon.” Have.

Referring to Farhangian and Shahid Rajaei universities as universities under the Ministry of Education, he said: “Education has two key universities for training teachers, which, unlike other universities in the country, are mission-oriented, meaning that graduates of these two universities enter the market directly.” They work, and these two universities are responsible for training students for the teaching profession. Graduates of these two universities must, after completing their studies, in addition to academic progress, also have the special characteristics of a teacher, for which special planning programs have been made for them.

He considered the teacher in question at the level of the transformation document as a teacher who can create empowerment in his students and said: “We are trying to train such a teacher in Farhangian and Shahid Rajaei universities with careful planning.”