We never adhered to the agreement with Iran

“We have to look at the nuclear challenge in the Middle East as a whole,” said Noam Chomsky, an American Jewish linguist, philosopher, and theorist. The fact is that not just Trump, but any other American official, sees Iran as a terrible threat or perhaps the greatest threat to Middle East peace.

“White House officials believe that Tehran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program,” he said. “This is just a claim, and there is no evidence in the last 20 years that the Islamic Republic has even thought about nuclear weapons.” Nevertheless, let us assume that they are pursuing this issue, let us assume that Benjamin Netanyahu is right, and that they are secretly seeking to develop nuclear weapons. Is there a way to stop them? Yes, a very simple way. Impose a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East.

Stressing that we know the monitoring is working, Chomsky added: “The US intelligence agency and the International Atomic Energy Agency have confirmed that the monitoring is successful. Well, re-establish the monitoring and impose a nuclear-weapon-free zone.” Does anyone disagree with that? In fact, only two countries; United States of America and Israel (Zionist regime). The Islamic Republic strongly supports this idea, the Arab countries agree with it, even the countries of the Non-Aligned Movement and most of the world agree with it. Europe also supports it, but whenever it gets ratified, Washington vetoes it.

We have to ask

Let Iran return to negotiations

The American theorist went on to say that in 2015, in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Commission, everyone wanted to change it. “Nevertheless, Obama stopped this process,” he said. This situation is repeated in all sessions. The question is, why did the United States stop it? Everyone knows the answer, but no one can say it, because passing it would mean inspecting Israel’s nuclear weapons. Even one of their senior military appointees, Jack Sullivan, Biden’s former national security adviser at the White House, said a few days ago: “The Biden government would like to return to Borjam, but the ball is in Iran’s court.

The Islamic Republic must begin by cutting off and reversing uranium enrichment and take a positive approach to negotiations. “If they do, we will consider it.” completely reverse! We must ask them to return to negotiations that we have permanently undermined. It was completely destroyed under Trump, but it was weakened under Obama.

Obama has repeatedly hurt Iran’s economy

“The fact is that even Obama did not fulfill his nuclear commitments to Iran,” Chomsky said. Part of the nuclear deal says neither side should harm Iran’s economy during the talks, but Obama has done so many times.

We never adhered to the agreement. But now Biden government spokesman says if the Iranians take the first step, we will take action! As if they are to blame, not us! We should never accept these words.