We put the benefit of nurses from the benefits of hard and harmful jobs and the implementation of the law on tariffing of nursing services on the agenda of the parliament.

The head of the Program, Budget and Accounts Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly issued a statement on the occasion of Nurse’s Day.

According to ILNA, the text of Hamid Reza Haji Babaei’s message is as follows:

The nursing profession is a strange combination, on the one hand, of a combination of mercy, compassion, kindness and care, and on the other hand, knowledge, knowledge, experience and skill (Supreme Leader)

Aqliya al-Wahi, Aqil al-Nabwa: Rabi ‘al-Fadl, Walid al-Fasaha, Aqil al-Khidr al-Risalah, Sayyid al-Aqa’il, scholar, teacher, Aqila, narrator, commentator, commentator, May the transcendence of the human soul, that the golden trick be trusted by the Shari’a and describe patience and alms and sacrifice and submission and satisfaction and courage, that even in captivity, standing on the peak of honor and freedom, you became the true preacher of the religion of God and the narration of scientific and social jihad and patience in your protection The wounded of Islam became a model for men and women to shine in the pages of history, to keep the way clear and to teach the lesson of freedom, perseverance and trustworthiness.

Love of God, central right, restoration of human dignity, awareness, responsibility, assertiveness, assertiveness, purposeful life, patience, prudent management of tragic behavior, scientific surroundings, characteristics of Zillah (peace be upon him), Hazrat Zainab (peace be upon him) ), Which is the title of nursing teachings, has linked the birth of the messenger of Ashura with the day of raising the position of nurse.

Congratulations on the birth of all the happiness of the nurse of Karbala plain, Hazrat Zeinab Kobra (peace be upon him) and the nurse’s day to the preachers of health, humanity, love and faith who during the past year, with the epidemic of Corona, health jihad, sincere guardians of the great nation They became Iranians and played a role in the struggle, and the precious martyrs were immortalized in this field and joined the caravan “under the Lord of Yarzaqun”.

Studies show that the correct and complete implementation of the law on improving the productivity and benefit of nurses from the benefits of hard and harmful jobs, the implementation of the law on tariffs for nursing services, removing companies from the contract of nurses and concluding a direct contract with the Ministry of Health. Full observance of their job descriptions in the centers that are operating is one of the most important demands of nurses from the government and parliament. With appreciation and thanks for the sincere efforts, patience of the health staff, especially nurses, we try with the help of God Almighty. We put the working class on the agenda of the parliament and we ask the government to make the nurses’ concerns a priority in the government board’s programs. Undoubtedly, the dear people of Iran, by observing health protocols, will cooperate with the health staff to reduce the incidence of compatriots They will have coronary heart disease. It is hoped that in the near future with the grace of God and the guidance of the Supreme Leader (memory of God), scientific efforts of specialists and experts and the convergence and synergy of the great nation of Iran will see the elimination of coronary heart disease and the progress and promotion of the Islamic Republic. Iran in the fields of science, health, science and technology and economy.