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According to the Mehr news agency, Saeed Namaki stated in this letter: Inhibition of the third inflammatory phase کووید 19 was another precious achievement for my colleagues in the universities and medical schools of the country in the stormy conditions of the world that the statistics of infection and death and میر Facing Increase Is reducing the number of hospitalizations and deaths میر Compatriots, appreciation of the honorable nation and all hands Invaders Followed the executive arena of the country.

The Minister of Health further emphasized that in addition to the joy of this great national achievement, there are also concerns in the direction of re-engaging in the terrible vortex of the disease, the observance of which can reduce the inflammation ahead.

1- Any normalization and negligence due to the remission of the disease in different provinces will lead to the return of wrong social behaviors and the recurrence of the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to be constantly vigilant and obsessive in not reducing the level of observance of the rules by the people and officials.

2- Effective cooperation in the implementation of the plan by reducing the number of hospitalizations and deaths میر It should not be weakened, so teams consisting of Basij and university colleagues and other influential factors at the neighborhood level and using the capacity of health ambassadors in the “Every Home is a Health Base” project should stay on the scene until the last positive case is identified in the families of each neighborhood. Continue seriously.

3- The number of tests is not yet acceptable, so in addition to identifying symptomatic cases, the test of related people should continue on average 10 tests per positive symptomatic person. In the continuation of the plan, if all the cases related to the marked person are identified, the new target population will be determined among the unmarked people. Therefore, any decrease in the number of tests will be equal to an increase in future cases.

4- Special attention to quarantine of infected and infected people is an essential element of disease control and isolation, despite Dr. Kolivand’s efforts in identifying and providing suitable places for quarantine for those who are not able enough at home or those who leave quarantine. No effective measures have been taken in the provinces, so addressing this important issue is one of the special priorities of working groups at the university level.

5 – With the report of the new mutant virus from the UK and a large number of European and non-European countries, continuous tracking and rapid reporting of any changes in the internal virus as well as tight control over land, sea and air inputs is of particular importance.

Widespread infection with an invasive mutant virus obviously makes the job very difficult and sometimes uncontrollable. As usual, I have asked the Deputy Minister of Health and the General Directorate of Disease Control to send any changes for final approval to the reference laboratories of the Pasteur Institute and the Faculty of Health of Tehran University of Medical Sciences.

6- Continuation of the activity of 16-hour outpatient centers is very necessary, any reduction of activity or closure of these centers due to the reduction of patients is irrational. In all of these centers, corona testing must be performed free of charge. In addition, the required medication for outpatient treatment should be provided to patients free of charge. Any deficiencies in the test and drug inventory should be reported immediately to the relevant deputies.

7- People may not go to 16-hour centers or neighborhood health centers by calling people related to the symptomatic patient. It is essential that joint diagnostic teams actively visit homes or workplaces and that no suspects are left without testing and assignment.

8. Joint monitoring teams should remain more active on the scene to enforce protocols and procedures at all levels. Because experience has shown that by reducing death and میر And the rate of hospitalization is greatly reduced by adhering to protocols, and this is one of the vulnerabilities of disease management that we have already suffered from.

9- In order to facilitate the financial and equipment affairs of the Shahid Ghasem Soleimani project, managers have been appointed in the headquarters and we have asked all universities to introduce a liaison for the good performance of the mentioned affairs from the health department of the university.

10. As I have been reminded by the Deputy Ministers of Development, Health, Treatment and Nursing, in the event that the pressure caused by the third inflammation of the disease is reduced, appropriate action should be taken to grant leave to non-employed personnel in the corona wards. Colleagues have rejuvenated.

It is necessary for the university liaison to follow up any possible problems by continuously contacting the managers introduced in the ministry headquarters and, if not realized, through the president of the university to reflect with the deputy ministers of development and health of the ministry.

I am still the main person in charge of the proper implementation of the plan, the president of the university می I know And the constant supervision of university presidents over the various stages of supervision, care and support of their main responsibilities in the days of illness.

Virus کووید 19 It has special complexities and unpredictable behavior. The constant intelligence and care of loved ones can prevent the occurrence of any winter upsets, and carelessness and lack of adequate supervision can also lead to new breath-taking inflammation. روبریمان Slowly