We welcome the supply of iron ore in the commodity exchange

Taghizadeh stated: I agree with the supply of iron ore in the commodity exchange that two issues should be considered in this regard. In this area, either mining companies should be allowed to sell their products at world prices in the market in order to be able to buy stone at world prices from the market, or conditions should be created where only generating units can buy iron ore from the stock exchange. To be.

The CEO of Chadormelo, while emphasizing that in the current situation I am against the export of crude iron ore, concentrate and pellets, said: “Of course, we must consider that cheap sales are the factor of companies’ desire to export, and if by the mechanism of commodity exchange this If the approach changes, the process of exporting raw materials will also be affected.

The need for agreement and empathy between producers

Emphasizing that iron ore is sold in the domestic market significantly less than the price of export markets, he added: “According to experts and officials, with the establishment of steel units, the country’s iron ore reserves only meet the needs of 10 to 12 It will be the year of the steel industry and it is not good to export raw ore now and become an importer of iron ore in the future. Therefore, iron ores and steels must agree on the price of iron ore, and it is better that this price is in the range of world prices and up to 20% below world prices.

The importance of exploring iron ore reserves

The CEO of Chadormelo called special attention to the issue of exploration a necessary issue and said: the shortage of iron ore will be more evident with the launch of units in progress and exploration is the only way to get rid of this challenge. I have no doubt that in the central desert of Iran and other parts of the country, there are desirable reserves of iron ore and that requires exploration.

It is worth mentioning that Naser Taghizadeh, CEO of Chadormelo Mining and Industrial Company, recently met with the head of the Exchange and Mining Company to discuss the company’s readiness to supply 500,000 tons of iron ore to meet the needs of steel units, especially Zobahan, in an open auction. The Commodity Exchange had announced. According to Taghizadeh, we have good reserves to explore and we will provide this news to our shareholders as soon as more information is available.