We will be the world’s most reputable vaccine maker by next spring

According to Eqtesadonline, quoted by IRNA, Saeed Namaki on Monday in the meeting of the provincial headquarters against Krona in Kerman province added: “We believe that we should invest all our energy for domestic production; We started five platforms to make a vaccine, of which three were successful, and if I sacrifice all my cells and my life, we will go that route.

“The second way is to co-produce vaccines with several other countries,” he said. “In the third stage, the purchase of vaccines for vulnerable groups, including the elderly, medical staff and vulnerable groups, is on the agenda. There are many negotiations to implement the president’s order.” The Republic and the Central Bank are done to provide currency.

The Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education stressed: “We can not lie to the people and inject the vaccine from unreliable sources due to the reduction of the atmosphere of social demands.”

He continued: “Even if there is a shock in the country, I, as the Minister of Health, must be held accountable; Some of the countries that started vaccinating are actually in the third phase of clinical trials, and we will not allow them to be vaccinated.

Namaki said: “Making the Iranian vaccine will be achieved as a national honor in the not too distant future, and I would like to inform the people that I, my family and relatives are waiting for the Iranian national vaccine to be injected.”

He added: “Although we have hopes for the vaccine to enter the country, but we should know that the vaccine can not be used to tell people that we got rid of the virus and we must accept that this virus is a more regular guest.”

IRNA’s economic damage from Corona was far less than that of the world’s most powerful nations

Referring to Iran’s path in Corona management since the outbreak of the virus in our country, Namaki said: “We designed phase one of the trenches for the initial attack and phase two of the virus attack, and we were able to reduce the death toll to less than 40 per day in a short time.”

The Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education stated: In the first days of the corona outbreak and at the height of the oppressive sanctions that were not imposed on any ethnic group except us after the Karbala incident, we were severely oppressed by the people of our country. I will put another time.

He said: “In these difficult conditions, our loved ones in the Basij, the IRGC and the army did not leave the health system alone and came to our aid, which was a great encouragement and everyone was and is on the scene;” The dignity of the Islamic Republic in this agreement, empathy and unilateral participation together has been preserved so far.

“The damage that our economy has seen in Corona was far less than the damage that many of the world’s most powerful countries have seen, because we wrote the protocol for the first time on how to improve the economy and livelihood,” Namaki said. We manage in Corona, and some European countries after us wrote the protocols and we were copied.

He added: “Winning and managing in Corona is a national defeat and honor for the Islamic Republic and defeat in the fight against Corona is a national defeat and those who were waiting for us to kneel will not see this day for Islamic Iran.”

The Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education stated: “Even in the discussion of importing masks, we had problems and desperately needed equipment and medicines, but not a single patient was displaced back in the hospitals.”

He continued: “We managed the situation with the Basij method and based on the holy defense, so that the trench was ready and we swam in the ocean with our hands closed, and it can be said that honor and epic were created by the children of this nation.”

“Iran, which is powerful and under sanctions, now has 1.6 hospital beds per 1,000 patients, but France has 7.10 beds per 1,000 patients,” Namaki said, noting that courage was created with his hands tied during the Corona.

The Minister of Health greeted the martyrs of the holy defense, sanctuary and health and said: We send greetings to the high spirit of Sardar Haj Qasem Soleimani, who was the son of the Islamic and Shiite world; The greatest thing that Hajj Qasim did was to control the scene of the war that was designed only for us a thousand kilometers away so that not the slightest bite would enter this country.

Namaki continued: “Despite the sanctions and the fact that we have not yet received a significant amount of one billion euros allocated for the fight against the corona, the world had to predict that we would have 1,200 deaths a day, which is now We are in the double digits, but Britain has rejected one thousand deaths and the United States has rejected three thousand 500 deaths.

He emphasized: “If you ask me, I say this, firstly, it is divine grace and ethnic reward that stands on its own principles and foundations, and secondly, the unique role of leadership in guiding and supporting the health system caused Iran in the international arena and at the height of sanctions.” Cruelly 10 to one of the world.

He added: “In the United States, a lunatic named Trump does not adhere to any protocol and we see the result in a popular uprising, but the Supreme Leader strongly observed the issues and supported us.”

The Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education said: “Another effective issue in the management of Corona in the country was the sincerity and empathy of all officials and institutions that this agreement is the king of victory and nowhere in the world we have this situation which is derived from the agreement reached during the defense Holy was formed.

Within 50 days, we became an exporter of masks and protective clothing

Namaki, pointing out that in 50 days we have changed from an importer of masks and protective clothing to a producer and exporter, said: In a short period of time, we have added 2,500 ICU beds in the country and today we are an exporter of ventilators. It could not be achieved except by jihadi method.

He emphasized: “Today we are standing in a good position of Corona management and the sympathy and harmony, God’s care, the support of the Supreme Leader and the support of the government and the National Corona headquarters answered and this agreement can not only for Corona but to solve all future problems.” To be used.

The Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education stated: “But we are always worried that the situation will return to the black hole we had in May with normalization, and I recommend that we do not undermine the social capital that has been formed.”

He asked the health officials of Kerman to increase the corona tests and added: do not reduce the test by one, but increase it by 10 and the hidden positives should be found door to door, when we can speak firmly when we claim a The case is not asymptomatic in the area.

“Do not close the 16-hour clinics at all, and people should have access to the nearest place, and free medicine and testing should be the main incentive to attract the patient,” Namaki said, noting that the biggest solution is to fight the virus.

10,660 hospital beds will be opened in the country

The Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education said: “Despite unprecedented sanctions and economic pressures, this year 10,600 hospital beds will be opened with priority given to deprived areas and will be added to the capacity of the country’s hospitals, which is unprecedented.”

He continued: “This year, we received 52,000 employment licenses, of which 20,000 are related to nurses, and announce what is needed for the infrastructure of the health care network to be strengthened.”

Namaki emphasized: Announce the half-finished projects, including health and treatment, which will end by May of next year, and I consider myself obliged to complete them.

The Minister of Health and Medical Education arrived in Kerman this morning and after paying his respects to Sardar Qassem Soleimani in the Flower Garden of the Martyrs of Kerman, attended a meeting of the provincial corona management headquarters.