We will never take a step back from budget reform

The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, today (Saturday, December 20) at the General Assembly of the Court of Audit, thanked the Court of Audit for preparing the report on the budget deduction for 1998, one month earlier than in previous years.

He said that in the last decade, the country is involved in sanctions and full-scale economic war, adding that the enemy could not achieve the desired result in the military war because the culture of jihad, martyrdom, resurrection and revolutionary spirit prevailed in the country’s public space.

The head of our country’s legislature added: “Martyr Soleimani is a symbol and crystallization of the holy defense system that advanced the body of the Islamic Revolution to the Mediterranean and ensured the security of the country, so that our country is now calm in the field of security.”

The current structure of the country’s economy is rent

Qalibaf continued by stating that paying attention to the preparation of the budget financial document is one of the important issues in the economic war: “Our current economic structure is completely dependent on oil and is a completely rent-seeking and governmental structure and has an import approach instead of exporting.”

Asked how he could go to economic war when the economic structure relies on brokerage and speculation instead of relying on production, the speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly clarified: “This hypothesis is not possible and is a big joke.”

Qalibaf, stating that the country’s budget document as an important financial document initiates changes in the bureaucracy and economic structure, added: What changes have been made in this document from the 50s until today? It should be said that in these decades, no budget adjustments have been made in order to comply with the ideals.

Mismanagement is the most fundamental issue in the budget

“Mismanagement is the most fundamental issue in the budget,” he said. “The budget and its challenges are not limited to 1400 and this government, and I am not talking about the 1400 budget bill and the current government, but my approach is the pathology of this process from the beginning of the revolution.” So far.

The head of our country’s legislature, stating that we were successful in the economic war, but due to the challenge in the economic war, people are facing many problems, added: Do.

He explained the need to reform the budget structure: In a macro and public view, fiscal policy means the pocket of the government and monetary policy means the pocket of the people. When we talk about the pocket of the government, it means that governments formulate the budget with a deficit, which means that in addition to the deficit in the operating balance, stable revenues and expenditures are not consistent with each other.

The budget deficit shows its effect in people’s pockets

Qalibaf, stating that the Supreme Leader of the Revolution says that the budget deficit is Umm Al-Khabaith, continued: The deficit in fiscal policy becomes a deficit in monetary policy, ie people’s pockets through the imbalance of banks, increasing the monetary base, increasing liquidity, etc. As a result, people’s pockets will be empty.

The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated that since the labor market was not taken into account, the number of brokers increased: in the current economic war, the share of sanctions in the current problems is less than mismanagement.

Qalibaf, stating that when we do not go to production, the labor market is closed, added: about 9 thousand thousand billion tomans entered the capital market, but this liquidity did not go to production and was directed from the capital market to the labor market so that Pride 25 million reached 120 million tomans.

The current problems in the country can be solved

The head of our country’s legislature, stating that the current problems in the country can be solved provided that we all stand together, said: “Supervision is more important than legislation, because this action will determine incomplete and unused rulings.”

Qalibaf stated that the 11th parliament is taking the first step in reforming the budget structure, adding that the reform of the budget structure cannot be done in one year, but the 11th parliament will start this work from this year.

We must boldly announce the budget deficit

The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, emphasizing that we must boldly announce the budget deficit, continued: Although the Court of Accounts compiled the report on budget deduction in 2009 one month earlier than in previous years, but the question arises why monitoring Not a line?

He stressed: “Of course, online monitoring does not mean limiting the executive apparatus and managers, but budget appropriation reports should be in a way that can prevent damage in a short time and correct bugs.”

The head of our country’s legislature, stating that a strong and trustworthy manager should be supported, continued: he should defend the decisions of these managers and the supervisory bodies should support these people.

We will never back down from budget reform

Qalibaf added that we will never take a step back from reforming the budget structure, adding: “As the Supreme Leader has said, in removing sanctions and neutralizing sanctions, the basis is to neutralize sanctions, and this will begin with amending the budget document.”

The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, stating that we should do good things, continued: The Court of Accounts should put four approaches of transparency, intelligence, democratization and efficiency in its agenda. These philosophies are not linear and are intertwined.

Qalibaf said that due to the performance of the devices, duplication and overlap should be avoided, adding: the government should seek to minimize and prevent centralism so that instead of producing services, it goes to buying services because the production of services in government devices is about three It is more expensive than the private sector. Passenger travel in Tehran in 1987 cost about 250 tomans, but if this trip was done with the government system in buses, it would have cost about 1,200 tomans.

The Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly stated that short online reports prevent errors during execution and lead to better work, adding: “Although it may not be possible to provide online reports for all devices, the reports of the companies that receive the most funding can be viewed as follows:” Compiled. For example, although there are 380 state-owned companies, 83% of the budget of these companies is allocated to 30 companies, so it is possible to assign and review the 30 companies in the first stage.

Any political, partisan or militant view is immoral and illegal

He added that online and annual reports should be prepared professionally and independently, adding: “Any political, partisan or militant view is immoral and illegal.”

The head of our country’s legislature, stating that the budget embezzlement report should be provided to academics, elites, members of parliament and the people, which is one of the examples of transparency, continued: The pathology of the 1998 budget should be provided to the media and representatives, This is important because the problems in the 98 budget will be made available to the representatives of the Joint Commission and can help them in reviewing next year’s budget.

Referring to the people’s livelihood problems, Qalibaf said: “Currently, many people are not among the people receiving salaries from state and military pension funds, and their only financial transaction is the payment of subsidies, so these people are dealing with many problems with the current inflation. Be a basic idea for them.