We will pursue production and development goals more vigorously

The naming of the new year as “Production, Support and Obstacles” by the Supreme Leader is a double incentive for the jihadists of the production trench in Iran Khodro Industrial Group, and this carmaker will make an effort after realizing the slogan of the year of production leap. Follow this strategy more seriously by removing obstacles.
The text of this statement is as follows
In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful
Or the heart and the eyes, or the master of the night and the day,

Iran Khodro Industrial Group, while congratulating the beginning of the year 1400 AH to the presence of Hazrat Vali-e-Asr (AS), the Supreme Leader, the esteemed government and the honorable and dear nation of Iran, as a part of the economic and productive body of the country announces that Farzaneh of the Islamic Revolution will fulfill her duty in fulfilling the slogan of production, support and obstacles.
Iran Khodro Industrial Group, as a pioneer in the production leap last year, will continue this revolutionary strategy in 1400 by removing the necessary obstacles and support, in addition to building confidence in national production and people’s satisfaction, its role in Ensure national security plays well.
According to His Holiness Leh, this great automaker of the country, in the eve of the new century, will pursue its development plans with a long-term view, and in the new year, will try to use the domestic power to flourish as much as possible the production leap.
In the new year, Irankhodro strives to register more sustainable activities in various fields of finance, economy, production, research and development, parts internalization movement, product development, export, quality improvement and attracting stakeholder satisfaction.
The country’s automobile industry, led by Iran Khodro Industrial Group, has gone through many ups and downs in recent years, and extensive international sanctions against this industry indicate its importance in the national economy and the enemies’ efforts to weaken the automotive industry. Nevertheless, the industry has been able to make significant progress in the face of international constraints and the epidemic of coronary heart disease, with the support of committed and specialized forces and reliance on internal capacity in the production of its products.
Last year, Iran Khodro Industrial Group, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, and with the steely efforts of the men of engineering and production in Iran, Khodro, as well as supply chain manufacturers, achieved a production leap by producing 501399 vehicles. Relying on the power of the country’s experts, the development of products and driving forces was able to fulfill a major part of the overdue obligations to customers and to take over more than 55% of the share of the country’s passenger car market. In the year of production leap, Iran Khodro was able to upgrade and develop its five current products, bring the Iranian car “Tara” to the mass production stage, and in the first months of the production year, supports and barriers were ready to enter the market.
Similar examples have been recorded in product development and propulsion of heavy vehicles in the past year.
Now, Iran Khodro has paved the way for the year 1400, proudly and with firm determination, to prove that for servants and sympathizers in the field of industry, “there is no work, no work.”
In 1400, the path of development will be followed with double effort and perseverance. With the development of products based on the knowledge and expertise of the country’s youth, the export route will be opened and the name of proud Iran will shine as always in the world.
Certainly, this year, by taking advantage of jihadi thinking and relying on the efforts, strength, hope and vivacity of each and every one of Iran’s employees, bottlenecks and unevenness have faded and a new period of change has begun in the path of fulfilling the Supreme Leader’s motto and the slogan of the year of production, support and deterrence. will be.