Were the military successful in Ahmadinejad’s government?

Some believe that there is nothing wrong with the military participating in the presidential race, and that it is up to the military to decide whether or not to lean on the presidency. Even some who have commented on this point emphasize that perhaps the military with successful experience in the field of defense and construction, can better manage the country in the executive branch than others.

Contrary to these arguments, opponents of the military presence in the presidential race are saying that militarism is not commensurate with political management, and that is why the military does not enter politics in any country. In addition, in our country and in the decades after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, we have two negative experiences in this field. One is that some of the military ran for president but the people did not vote for them. Some of these people even tried their luck several times and each time people rejected their chests. Another is that in the ninth and tenth governments, a large number of military personnel entered the government and were given responsibilities in various executive ranks, but they were unable to fulfill their duties, as they did not succeed in other responsibilities.

According to the famous proverb “it is wrong to test the tested”, the country should not be exposed to repeated tests. It is also very important to note that the entry of the armed forces into the executive affairs of the country, due to the unevenness that exists in this direction, will damage the image of these forces and will have unpleasant consequences that will not be in the interest of the country. .

In addition, the world has a bitter experience with the entry of the military into the political arena. In different countries, the military either comes to power through coups or elections. The task of the coup is clear, and the military rule in Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Pakistan around us has had bitter consequences in recent decades. The history of this region shows that military rule through elections was a joke. Of course, it did not end well. Therefore, it is better that Iran, which is a revolutionary country and the system of the Islamic Republic is based on the votes of the people, does not suffer from this bitter experience. Now that the members of the 11th parliament have replaced the military men with religious and political men, the Guardian Council has rejected it so that the military can provide its own specialized services, which our country needs now more than ever.