What are the disadvantages of colored sunscreen?

Dr. Mohammad Golshani said: “Some people prefer to use colored sunscreens due to the presence of scars (scars or pimples) and blemishes on the skin of the face, and the use of these creams does not cause any harm to their skin.”

Mohammad Golshani added that people should use sunscreens that have a domestic production license or foreign creams have an import license. Golshani called the protective grade (SPF) for sunscreens between 25 and 30 and added:

The minimum amount of sunscreen to prevent skin aging, the formation of blemishes is 25 or 30, and above this protection level, that is, between 30 to 100 is no different from 25 to 30 degrees. He added:

Some of the ads that sunscreens with a protection level above 30 are effective in protecting the skin are factory ads and there is no scientific or medical difference between these grades to absorb the sun’s rays.

Source: Cute Iran