What are the early signs of a urinary tract infection in children?

According to Borna; Shahnaz Armin, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases, said about urinary tract infections in children: “Urinary tract infections are one of the most common infections that are usually accompanied by fever in young children.” This infection, if not treated in time, can lead to kidney failure and high blood pressure.

“Urinary tract infections can be caused by a variety of factors, including bacteria and viruses that infect the genitals,” he said. Of course, the most common of these are bacterial infections.

Girls are more prone to urinary tract infections

Armin continued: Urinary tract infections are two types of upper and lower urinary tract infections that affect the kidneys in the worst case.

“In general, children are more likely to get upper urinary tract infections, and among children, girls are more susceptible to urinary tract infections than boys,” said the pediatric infectious disease specialist.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection in children

He stated: “Anatomical disorders in the bladder, functional disorders, urinary reflux and incomplete emptying of the bladder and return of urine to the kidneys are among the causes of urinary tract infections in children.”

Regarding the symptoms that can indicate the occurrence of urinary tract infections in children, Armin said: “The symptoms of this infection in children depend entirely on age, and the younger the child, the fewer symptoms we face, for example, infection in young children and Or even babies with high fever or stunted growth, which can eventually be detected by a urine test. Side pain, burning, and frequent urination are also symptoms of urinary tract infections seen in older children.

“The only way to diagnose a urinary tract infection is to have a urine test, but for children who do not have urinary incontinence, it is best for parents to use urine bags that can be obtained from a pharmacy,” said the pediatric infectious disease specialist. The important thing about using these bags is the length of time that parents should be aware that the urine paper must be delivered to medical centers and laboratories within 4 hours, because otherwise the test result will not be correct.

He added: “Children who naturally suffer from digestive disorders such as constipation are more prone to urinary tract infections, so constipation should be taken seriously in children.”

Ways to prevent urinary tract infections

“Parents should be aware that diapers should be changed shortly, that the child should be taught how to properly wash the genitals, and that children should not be allowed to urinate too much,” he said.