What are the most traded stock symbols today?

According to Eqtesad Online, the five symbols of Kama, Shepna, Shasta, Khodro and Zagros were ranked first to fifth in the list of the highest value of stock trades during today’s stock trading, respectively. On the third day of the week, 500 billion Tomans worth of Bama shares were traded, Isfahan Oil Refinery came in second after 400 billion Tomans worth of transactions, and Social Security investment shares came in third place.

Today's stock market

Most stock exchange and OTC transactions today belonged to the group of “chemical products” so that about 1,500 billion tomans were transferred only in this sector, the group of “banks and credit institutions” was second with 1,420 billion tomans and “automobiles and parts manufacturing” Was in third place.

Today, five percent of the total shares of Khorram Dareh (Zadasht) plain were traded, the top 10 symbols had a 21 percent share of total trades, the value of transactions in 28 shares reached more than 100 billion tomans and half of the total value of transactions was allocated to the first 50 symbols. Had.

Today's stock market