What are the problems of the retail sector?

Based on the evaluations of the Iranian Chamber of Trades, among the 5 main components (amount of activities performed, the amount of new customer orders, speed of delivery and delivery of the order or work process, inventory of raw materials or supplies purchased and the amount of employment and manpower), speed index Execution and delivery of the order (55.10) has the highest amount.

The purchase price index of raw materials or goods needed decreased (-8.32) percent compared to the previous month, and consequently the selling price index of products or services provided compared to the previous month decreased (-29.93) percent, which led to growth. (3.03) Percentage of the index of sales of goods and services in November compared to the previous month.

According to the results of the report of Shamkhan Aban Mah, despite a 6% increase in the total retail index figure with the number (35.71) compared to the Mehr index figure (33.69), retail stores in chain stores are still in a state of recession. They are, but they have moved towards prosperity with a slight increase compared to last month.

The full text of the report is titled “Retail boom in November? Read the table in Eqtesadnews.