What can we do in winter to keep our water cooler healthy?

Water cooler service This is something that many people think they should do only at the beginning of the summer or later in the season, but this is completely wrong because water coolers are not disposable products and can be used properly if stored properly. Used for many years. Water coolers have been used in Iran for decades and their use continues, and even with the expansion of the use of gas coolers, these products have been able to maintain their position in the market. In fact, lower prices as well as easier maintenance make them more competitive with air conditioners. These air conditioners work with the general system of circulating water and taking outside air and transferring them from wet soils, and their mechanism with water has made these products need more care and maintenance, and in addition to summer, they should be used in cold seasons. He also took care of them. In the continuation of this text, we want to acquaint you with the necessary measures to maintain the water cooler in winter.

Power outages and water drains are the first steps in servicing a water cooler for the winter

Water cooler service in winter and summer has an important point and that is to cut off the electricity. By doing this, the rest of the service work can be done with more confidence and quality, and the occurrence of electrical connections as well as financial and personal accidents can be prevented. If the air conditioner control keys are on the surface and close to each other, they can be fully assembled, and if the air conditioner is located in a place such as the roof, etc., it is recommended to separate their connections securely from a suitable place, and Insulate the whole face with electrical tape or other tools.

Water cooler service in winter has several general stages, the second stage of which is draining the water cooler. Although water coolers are usually made of stainless steel sheets, draining them is necessary. This can prevent the metal body of the coolers from rotting and increase their useful life. Another advantage of draining the water cooler is preventing moisture from entering the electrical parts of the cooler such as the pump and motor. If water stays inside the cooler in the winter, due to the cold weather and night dew, water enters the electrical parts of the engine and pumps and can cause them to sulfate and connect and even burn in the summer. Drainage of water also prevents the growth of fungi and germs inside the cooler. It is recommended to dry the wet parts with a suitable tool after draining the water of the air conditioner and try not to leave any moisture in the air conditioner.

Lubrication, descaling and some specialized measures for water cooler service

Water cooler service in winter requires a series of other specialized measures, one of the most important of which is lubrication. Although the motor or pump does not work during this time, lubrication can prevent them from rotting and still keep them ready for use in the summer. To do this, it is recommended to use standard and quality oils, because not lubricating or using low-quality oils will make your first step in the summer to go to water cooler repair centers, and fix your air conditioner. In addition to lubrication, it is also recommended to do descaling work. Just as water can cause water cooler decay, various deposits, including salt dandruff, have the same destructive effects, so it is recommended that you use a suitable brush and patiently desalinate.

Water cooler service for the winter does not end there, and a few other points need to be observed. For example, it is better to remove the air conditioner belt and keep it in a bag inside the air conditioner or indoors. Also, if possible, the floats and hoses of the cooler should be separated and placed in a suitable bag or cover inside the cooler, and finally, the cooler should be insulated using water cooler covers, plastic or waterproof fabrics to prevent the entry of cold, moisture and Prevent water from entering it. Finally, the window or opening of the air conditioner duct that leads to the building should be closed professionally with standard tools to prevent energy loss in winter and block the entrance of various insects and animals into the house.

Water cooler repair and service in winter and summer

Water cooler service in the winter included the steps mentioned in the previous sections, however if there is a defect in your water cooler, the best time to fix it is winter. In this case, it is possible to repair the water cooler with less worry and price than in summer. In general, repairing and servicing water coolers in winter and summer is an action that must be done to refer to specialized centers in this field because the quality of service or repair performed has a direct impact on the life and efficiency of water coolers. Today, there are various centers for repairing and servicing water coolers in Tehran, one of the best of which is a group of service workers. With more than 10 years of experience and employing the best repairmen, this specialized center provides specialized services in the field of water coolers, and performs customer affairs with guaranteed quality and the most appropriate price. As the best water cooler service center in Tehran, Service Karan is ready to register its customers’ orders online for water cooler repair as well as water cooler service in winter and summer, and provide comprehensive service advice. For more information, you can refer to the official website of this collection at www.serviskaran.ir.