What effect does the supply of 300 thousand billion Tomans of the government / 1400 budget have on the stock market?

According to Tejarat News, the budget deficit in 1999 was about 180 thousand billion Tomans and the stock market played a significant role in providing the budget deficit in the conditions of sanctions. According to the budget of 1400, the government intends to offer about 300 thousand billion tomans of its assets under the title of bonds in the stock market, and this shows the prominent role of the stock market in financing the government budget deficit in 1400, but what effect does the supply of these bonds have? Does it have a scholarship?

Hossein Sheibani, a capital market expert, told Tejarat News about the impact of the 1400 budget bill on the stock market: “The government intends to offer about 300,000 billion tomans of its assets in the stock market, which can be expected with a slight increase in interest rates.” Government bonds should be attractive, but if inflation decreases, interest rates are less likely to rise. Rising interest rates do not have much effect on the stock market and may create an emotional atmosphere and the stock market will react negatively in the cross section, but it will not have much effect.

Regarding the signals of the 1400 budget bill for the stock market, the expert said: “The government intends to provide a high number of budget deficits from the stock market, and given the optimism in opening diplomatic relations, the stock market tendencies are positive. It needs a budget deficit, and if it learns from the mistakes it made this year, we can expect the stock market to grow relatively well next year.

The expert also said that government assets on the stock exchange are not offered to the people on a net basis, for example, a company that is owned by the government and is offered on the stock exchange and people buy the company’s shares. In Iran, shareholders do not have the right to appoint a CEO and make major decisions in company policy.

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