What happened at the wage committee meeting? / Employers ‘representatives insist on regional wages and labor representatives’ opposition

At today’s meeting of the Wage Committee, the possibility of implementing regional wages was discussed.

According to the ILNA correspondent, today (December 29), a tripartite meeting of the Wage Committee under the Supreme Labor Council was held in the presence of government representatives, workers and employers.

Workers ‘representatives present at the meeting reported on the employers’ insistence on the implementation of regional wages and union wages; Employers apparently want to enforce regional wages, citing a short phrase in Article 41 of the Labor Code; Article 41 states that “wages for different regions and different industries must be determined on the basis of a set of requirements” and that this phrase is a pretext for employers to insist on the implementation of regional wages and classes.

Workers’ representatives at today’s meeting emphasized that the output of last year’s wage committee was to conduct research on regional wages and union wages; They pointed to the unpreparedness of the infrastructure and stated: “Since the required infrastructure has not been provided and proper research has not been done in this regard, it is not possible to enter into the regional wage debate at this time; At the same time, matching wages with the minimum subsistence basket is the main requirement of Article 41 of the Labor Law, and nowhere in the country can wages be set less than the cumulative inflation rate and the minimum subsistence basket.

Apparently, the calculations of the 1400 livelihood basket have not started yet, and it has been decided that in the next meetings, based on reliable and up-to-date statistical data, these calculations will be the key.