What is the Conservatives’ plan for the 1400 elections?

“Mohammad Nazemi Ardakani” said today, Monday, in a press conference on the characteristics of the head and cabinet of the 13th government in order to form a popular and transformational government, which was held virtually: “The Imam and Leaders Front is trying to unite and converge in the Islamic society Realize it because it sees victory in unity and moves with the policy of the militant clergy and the community of teachers.

This political activist reminded: The Front of Imam Khomeini’s followers accompanied the population of the Revolutionary Forces in the 1992 presidential election, and a single ballot box was provided, and all fundamentalist currents cast their votes in this basket, and cooperated with the Coalition Council in the 11th parliamentary elections.

Nazemi Ardakani added: “The militant clergy community is hosting fundamentalist political currents in the 1400 presidential elections and seeks to bring all fundamentalist currents with it. The Imam Khomeini Front and the leadership also accept this decision and join the clergy community.”

Explaining the desirable characteristics of the head of the 13th government, a member of the Imam Khomeini Front said: “The head of the future government should have a macro, discourse and strategic plan, and an efficient and cohesive team should accompany him.”

The Secretary General of the Islamic Society of Managers added: The head of the future government should have an analysis of the domestic and international environment and know the opportunities and threats and have a specific strategy to get out of the situation.

The former Minister of Cooperatives stated: The head of the future government should be youthful and believe in the capabilities of the country and believe in the principle of “we can”, also make his decisions with courage and at the same time have a simple and clean life.

Considering the characteristics of the future government, this principled political activist said: The members of the future government must strive to preserve the values ​​of the revolution. The cabinet must act coherently and be able to have objective oversight of performance, while believing in the role of grassroots organizations in the decision-making and implementation process.

He mentioned the elimination of bureaucracy in the administrative system, the preference of national interests over partisan interests and the ability to deal with financial abuses as other features of the future government and said: Put.

Nazemi Ardakani added: If we do not want corruption and rent in the country, transparency must be institutionalized in the society. The issue of corruption, rent and class differences is one of the problems of today’s Islamic society that the future government must pay attention to. Transparency is the only strategy that can save us from this catastrophe.

The Secretary General of the Islamic Society of Managers and a member of the Imam Khomeini Front, stating that the future government should have the spirit of fighting corruption, said: “Corruption will not be eradicated simply by raising the flag of struggle. Rule of law is another feature of the future government.”

Nazemi Ardakani stated in the general characteristics of the team of the future government: This team must be religious and people-oriented and have a revolutionary and jihadist spirit. People who are knowledgeable, educated and have the power of analysis and the spirit of arrogance and anti-domination. Be realistic, idealistic and believe in teamwork.