What is the first and most important cause of coronary death?


“The number of coronary patients referred to hospitals has decreased by 30 to 50 percent, and in some hospitals the beds have been emptied of patients with coronary artery disease,” he said. If the situation continues like this, we will see a decrease in the disease trend and mortality of Crohn’s patients in the country.

Jan Babaei continued: In every province where people followed the protocols and social distancing more, the burden of disease has decreased.

The Deputy Minister of Health said that the first and most important factor influencing the rate of coronary deaths is the age of the patients and said: “One of the reasons that family gatherings are said to be avoided is that families are usually elderly and serious attention should be paid to These people showed.

He added: “About 12% of patients are over 80 years old and about 36% are between 60 and 80 years old, and 73% of deaths are related to people over 60 years old.” Therefore, by preserving the elderly, we can reduce mortality by 70% and more.

Jan Babaei continued: “We should pay more attention to the elderly, because they are fragile, and when they are infected, unfortunately, the probability of their death also increases.”

He said: “The link of the disease is people under 20 years old, children are not symptomatic and easily transmit the disease to the elderly, 73% of people who die were over 60 years old, so healthy people should be protected.”

“Underlying diseases such as diabetes and heart disease also increase the death rate of patients,” said the Deputy Minister of Health. “The population density of the provinces has an effect on the incidence and burden of the disease.” In the central provinces, which have a higher population density than in the southern and southeastern provinces, the incidence of the disease increases and they should be more careful.

He added: “The sinusoidal wave of the disease that occurs depends on the social behaviors of people and customs. The principle is to observe health procedures, social distance and avoid attending gatherings and parties.”

John Babaei said: “We all know that what reduces mortality is the observance of the people, which reduces the burden of disease. Whenever the burden of disease increases, mortality increases, the main factor that reduces mortality.” It is the behavior of the people.

He continued: “Another factor in reducing mortality is increasing the skills and experience of medical staff as well as their care.” The disease requires care, the most effective factor is to provide adequate oxygen and anti-inflammatory drugs to the patient, unfortunately, the drugs have been mislabeled.

The Deputy Minister of Health said: “Production of vaccines is a great achievement for us and many groups worked on it to keep up with the world. The process of producing vaccines has started in the country and on the other hand the government is trying to import vaccines. We hope this will happen.” To take.

“People should not worry about the vaccine, but the vaccine alone does not lead us to the conclusion that we can get rid of the disease, it is a deadly disease,” he said. Vaccines are one way to reduce the burden of the disease, but the guidelines should continue to be followed until definitive results on the effectiveness of the vaccines are published.

The Deputy Minister of Health continued: “Fortunately, all drugs that help in the process of improving the disease are produced in the country.”

“The skill level of the medical staff has increased over time with experience and training,” he said. “The amount of oxygen needed in hospitals and in normal conditions is 2 liters per minute in normal wards, but in normal conditions.” The corona is 10 to 15 liters in these wards and 30 liters in the intensive care units, which are fortunately provided with oxygen generators and with the help of donors.