What is the story of deducting the salaries of cultural figures?

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting Tasnim, Al-Hiyar Turkman said: “In this situation, financial planning becomes complicated, especially provincial managers must be able to both provide the rights of educators and move towards achieving quality goals;” The issue of lawlessness in education has no meaning at all and is not in the headline of education directors, meaning that managers do not seek to circumvent the law or disregard the economy and the good of the treasury, but in such circumstances, sometimes there are cases that are outside It is out of control and creates problems.

It is necessary to form an interactive committee between education and the Court of Audit

He added: “I ask that an interactive committee be formed between the Ministry of Education and the Court of Audit to manage the implementation of the laws in this situation and to have oversight that can be helpful and help the education and the Court in fulfilling its inherent obligations.” Have.

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Resource Development of the Ministry of Education stated: “We have two very complex and sensitive cases that are currently being implemented by the court, and my request is that if special assistance and attention are not paid to these two cases, problems will arise for education.” ; The Court of Administrative Justice violated some of the decisions of the Deputy for Management Development in the Ninth and Tenth Governments, such as the establishment of the right to adjustment, the incentive class and the right to family of single women, and we stopped paying them based on those votes. We are refunding the payments.

We have stopped the payment / refund of this amount is out of our control

He explained: For example, regarding the comparative difference that includes 145 thousand cultural figures, we must return about 17 million tomans for each person. Or in the case of the incentive class, which includes all education employees, we must deduct 800,000 Tomans from each and transfer it to the treasury account; Last week, we were summoned to the Judgment Enforcement Branch and they emphasized that it must happen, otherwise it will enter the next phase of follow-up; It is out of our control to want refunds; We have stopped the payment, but its return is beyond the scope of education.

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Resource Development of the Ministry of Education stated: Education employment licenses are fully educational licenses and licenses for recruiting administrative staff are not granted to education; Pursuant to Circular 230 of the Revolutionary Council, we are allowed to use the training forces in administrative jobs; Some of the items that are included in the training staff are also extended to administrative jobs because the nature of their employment is educational but they are currently working in the administrative department.

He continued: “We also pay the comparative difference of 1.1, which according to the Civil Service Management Law, to receive training jobs in increasing the right to work, for the administrative forces, but recently the fourth branch of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad issued a verdict that it will probably become a country.” He emphasizes that we should deduct this 1.1 from administrative jobs and we should not pay.

Al-Hiyar Turkman added: “This issue reduces the motivation to attend the office and greatly increases the desire to return to school to receive this amount, which is about 400,000 Tomans.”

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Resource Development of the Ministry of Education, stating that the number of administrative staff in education is about 30,000, said: “This issue is under consideration in the Court of Administrative Justice, and special planning is needed to resolve it.