What is the story of stopping the internet broadcast of women’s basketball?

The secretary of the basketball federation says that the internet broadcast of the women’s basketball premier league has not stopped and the broadcast of the matches will resume in the coming days.

According to ISNA, this year’s Women’s Basketball Premier League witnessed a positive and hopeful event; For the first time, the girls basketball tournament was broadcast on the official page of the federation in Aparat, and the fans were able to be informed about the competitions. Of course, the final week of the round and the first week of the return round of the second group competitions, which were held on December 17 and 18, did not have internet broadcasting. Following this incident, some girls basketball players expressed concern on their personal pages that this process might not be stopped.

Shabnam Kolahy, secretary of the Basketball Federation, told ISNA: “Our internet broadcast has not stopped. Last week’s matches were held in the multi-purpose nuclear energy hall and the advertising LEDs were to be placed in front of the futsal gate line, but as much as possible It was not possible to do so, on the other hand, since the advertising and video LEDs are connected like a chain, we could not coordinate the broadcast, but we will have internet broadcasting again next week.

“There is no opposition to online broadcasting, and we will broadcast the matches with a delay so that there is no concern about unforeseen scenes in terms of players’ hijab, and we are always grateful for the support of the officials,” he said.

Media coverage is one of the main issues in attracting sponsors to women’s sports and increasing the quality of competitions. Since television broadcasting is not possible at the moment, the web platform has given federations the opportunity to broadcast their matches.

On the other hand, Iranian women athletes in various sports have a full Islamic hijab, and not only does its online broadcast not challenge cultural values, but it also shows their efforts and efforts to maintain their religious values ​​and play sports at a professional level. In fact, it is possible to model in society in this way and attract more sports enthusiasts who play a key role in the physical, mental and vitality of society.

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