What is the trump card of Tatlo and Sasi Manken?

“Experience has shown that if something is suppressed by a part of the ruling party and the country’s policy-making, it will be lucky,” said a shopkeeper who said that the winner was people like Sasi Manken or Tataloo, the existence of the opposite front and the repressive approach. will be. I believe that in some political and social issues, repression and deliberate confrontations take place so that the people’s acceptance of that phenomenon is the product of the same repression that is in fact something that has been planned in advance; That is to say, I believe that some repressions are carried out in order to achieve a purposeful result, so that a reverse action is achieved and the opposite result of what is displayed in appearance.

He states: When the government and cultural policymakers deny something fundamentally and are not willing to open the door to dialogue and analysis and research in the field, and in the face of such phenomena to issues contrary to their direction, such as pretending to religious art or religious wing and They want to replace them with instructions and letters of intent, nothing but a waste of budget and frustration in policy-making, and it just ridicules and ridicules the opponents of the ruling policymaker’s view, and provides a protest and overnight protest action. Encourage a society in which individuals take a critical and protest approach to their lifestyle; That is, the kind of superficial protest and, in fact, overnight protest against the status quo policy, which is usually strongly supported by a number of anonymous television networks abroad.

The shop continues: It is clear that this protest is blind and a toy for the interests of others, if we accept that there is a little protest in it. In such a case, a part of the society automatically considers this type of person as a role model, at least for a while. Worse, among the generation that these people have been considered for any reason, their art and behavior secretly and subconsciously enter their biological and social memory, and in the future we will be with generations whose childhood and adolescence nostalgia for people like Sasi Manken. And it will be Tataloo and some cultural anomalies who use any means to be seen, and these tools will make more and more use of the completely opposite and contradictory manifestations of Iranian culture.

This music expert believes: In a sick society, the product of which is a mannequin, not by instructions and directives, but by opening up in artistic affairs and removing negative laws and activities, we should create a kind of immunity that is the best way to avoid vulgarity and An increase in the decline of tastes. When composers who compose and use the poetry of Hafez and Saadi, their composition and work are audited, how else should the art of music be produced suitable for society? It is obvious that artists like Kalhor or Alizadeh do not intend to produce underground music and they observe a high level of cultural quality in the art of music without any instructions; But finally, a number of young people and people who are looking for a name, may one day want to go to this form of art production. So what has been the result of these strict negative and positive laws?